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An Allied Decision

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An Allied Decision

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Quest giver
New Gridania (X:11, Y:12)
Quest line
Post-Dragonsong Main Scenario Quests
Experience 5,000
Gil 857
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestAn Envoy for Ishgard
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestGriffin, Griffin on the Wall

Main Scenario Progress: 373 / 853 (43.7%)


Heavensward Progress: 132 / 138 (95.7%)


Ser Aymeric is ready to attend the council.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • After weighing the possible consequences of the Griffin's reckless scheme, the council members agree that the Gridanian border must be preemptively reinforced. With war now a distinct possibility, the mood is grim as the Alliance leaders disperse to make their preparations. Look for Alphinaud outside the Lotus Stand, and trouble him for his opinion on this latest development.
  • As you mull over the council's decision with Alphinaud and Alisaie, Ser Aymeric approaches and thanks you for escorting him to Gridania. Before departing, he also takes a moment to express his gratitude for Yugiri's support during the meeting, though she is customarily quick to downplay her contribution. With your business in Gridania now at an end, it is time to return to the Rising Stones.
  • Back in Revenant's Toll, you encounter Alisaie, who is quick to express her distaste for the carefully chosen words of politicians. You are about to comment on how different she and her brother are in this respect, when she remarks on how different Alphinaud seems from his former self, having apparently taken to running his own errands. How times have changed.


Speak with Aymeric

Aymeric: It seems we are to have an escort to Lotus Stand. A pleasant place to discuss unpleasant matters, is it not? (Warrior of Light motions). Yes, of course. 'Tis like that we are the last to arrive. Let us announce ourselves, shall we? 

Speak with the silent conjurer at Nophica's Altar

Silent Conjurer: The envoy from Ishgard is arrived? Very good. This way, if you pl- Ah, and the Lominsan party, as well. 
Merlwyb: I had hoped to slip in unnoticed, but I see I was not the only one delayed in my arrival. Greetings, Ser Aymeric. 
Aymeric: Admiral, always a pleasure. 
Merlwyb: And [Forename], I trust you are well? 'Tis a day for reunions, it seems. I believe you are well acquainted with my escort? 
Yugiri: (Lady/Lord) [Forename]. I was glad to hear from Riol that the missing Scions have now been found. 
Merlwyb: There is much and more I would discuss with you, but let us first attend to the issue at hand. Shall we? 
Kan-E-Senna: I bid you welcome, my friends. As you will now bye aware, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn have come into possession of certain intelligence concerning recent developments in the region of Gyr Abania. It springs, I am assured, from an unimpeachable source - is that not so, Master Alphinaud? 
Alphinaud: Indeed, Elder Seedseer. Our information comes directly from a member of the Resistance's inner circle, and we have no cause to doubt its veracity. 
Raubahn: This "Griffin" of theirs is a fool if he thinks he can hold Baelsar's Wall against the Empire. When the imperials move to take it back, they will come in force - and the resulting fighting is all but certain to spill over into the Black Shroud...
Kan-E-Senna: At the Battle of Carteaneau, the combined might of three Grand Companies labored to contend with the remnants of but a single imperial legion.  Alone, Gradania would be hard-pressed indeed to hold back the tide should the Garleans turn their minds from reclamation to invasion. 
Aymeric: May I once more convey my nation's deepest regrets for our inaction in the days prior to the Calamity. 'Tis a stain upon our ledger that I would fain remove. Elder Seedseer - I do hereby request leave to deploy a defensive force within the borders of Gridania. Ishgard's return to the Alliance shall be honored by more than mere ink upon parchment. 
Yugiri: The Doman people, too, would join any effort that weakens our common foe. We are few, but our most seasoned shinobi are at your disposal. 
Kan-E-Senna: On behalf of my people, I offer you my humble thanks. Gridania welcomes your assistance. 
Raubahn: It is time we set our contingency plans in motion. Is the Alliance agreed? (Everyone nods). Then let us make ready for war. Victory favors the swift, and there is much to be done. 
Alisaie: The council knows that Ala Mhigo will not soon be wrested from the Empire, and its decision to bolster the border's defenses seem eminently practical. Why, then, Brother, do you scowl so? 
Alphinaud: I agree that they have chosen the wisest course available. Indeed, the only reasonable one. Yet something feels awry. In making ready for war, is the Alliance not granting the Griffin the very thing he desired? Any attempt to hold the Wall is doomed to failure, aye, but I wonder if we have misjudged the prize for which he plays...

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: ...That the council was able to reach an accord so swiftly is a heartening development in itself. I only hope my misgivings prove unfounded...
Aymeric: Ah, good, you have yet to depart. I feared I had missed you. 
Alphinaud: Ser Aymeric! 
Aymeric: Master Alphinaud, a pleasure as always. And Mistress Alisaie, how wonderful to see you thus recovered. Pardon the interruption. I had hoped to thank [Forename] for serving as our escort before other duties called (him/her) away. I also wished to thank our Doman ally...
Yugiri: Forgive me, my lord. I was but awaiting an opportune moment to join the conversation, and force of habit made me keep to the shadows. 
Aymeric: No apologies are necessary, Mistress Yugiri. I was most grateful for your interjection when I offered Ishgard's support. My nation's historic failure to heed the Alliance's pleas for aid is a matter of record. Even so, the Alliance leaders were plainly unprepared for my impromptu apology. The resulting air of awkwardness might have lingered longer were it not for your timely offer of cooperation, which allowed the elder Seedseer to accept us both. I very much appreciated the gesture. 
Yugiri: I only did my duty, Ser Amyeric. The Empire is an enemy to us all, and we are grateful for the opportunity to fight at your side. 
Aymeric: And full glad are we to have you. Pray convey my regards to the Scions, my friends. We must return to Ishgard. 
Alisaie: Whatever is wrong with a simple "sorry" or "thank you"? Must these politicians always make a speech out of everything? 
Alphinaud: That is how we adults speak, dear sister. 
Alisaie: Hmph. Mayhap the ones who like the sound of their own voice. In any case, our business here is concluded. We should be on our way as well. Will you accompany us to Revenant's toll, Yugiri? 
Alphinaud: Actually, I think I shall first pay a brief visit to the East Shroud. I am curious to know how Papalymo and Yda fared in their talks with the sylphs, not to mention what has been going on at Baelsar's Wall. I will join you at the Rising Stones anon. 

Speak with Alisaie in Revenant's Toll

Alisaie: Welcome back, [Forename]. I don't know about you, but I am heartily glad that all of the talking is over. I understand that these council meetings are important, but do you not find it tiresome to have to weigh every word before you speak? I doubt I will ever feel at home in the realm of politics. That said, people have been known to change. And if my brother is willing to run his own errands, anything is possible.