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A Great New Nation

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A Great New Nation

A Great New Nation Image.png
Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:34, Y:23)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario
Experience 53,040
Gil 792
Previous quest
Onward to Sharlayan
Next quest
Golems Begone
Stop Bugging Me
Community Service
Louder than Words
Feltsmox Needs Bait

Y'shtola is ready to press on westward to the Dravanian hinterlands.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


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All gear rewards are HQ HQ icon.png.

By unlocking Idyllshire, you have gained access to the level 60 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Poetics vendors for Heavensward. This is the only time access to those vendors is available before the end of the expansion's x.0 Main Scenario. Additionally, you can now complete the Heavensward Scrip Exchange unlock quest Feature QuestGo West, Craftsman.



  • You have arrived in the Dravanian hinterlands. According to Y'shtola, Matoya dwells on the other side of the Thaliak River. Look for a place to cross to the opposite bank.
  • As you make your way through the ruins of Sharlayan, you encounter a band of goblins. The confrontation threatens to turn violent, but Alphinaud manages to defuse the situation by convincing the goblin leader, Slowfix, that your purpose is peaceful. In an abrupt change of tone, Slowfix offers to take you on a tour. Follow the goblin to the heart of the settlement and speak with him there.
  • You learn that the goblins mean to found a new nation here in Sharlayan, aided by treasure hunters who have come seeking the city's artifacts. In exchange for passage through the settlement, Slowfix asks that you help the denizens of Idyllshire with the myriad problems they face. For want of an alternate way to cross the Thaliak River, you decide to oblige the goblin.