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A Dragon's Resolve

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A Dragon's Resolve

Quest giver
Lapis Manalis
Quest line
Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Gil 1,346
Previous quest
King of the Mountain
Next quest
Paths Barred

Varshahn stares at the floor despondently.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Alphinaud.
  • Search for a leakproof container.
  • Fill the leakproof container with ceruleum at the ceruleum spring.
  • Deliver the ceruleum-filled tank to the designated location.
  • Wait at the designated location.
  • Speak with Alphinaud.


  • Varshahn stares at the floor despondently.


Y'shtola: If Cagnazzo's intent was for his parting words to give us pause, then he has succeeded.
Y'shtola: To embrace death, to find satisfaction in oblivion... Perhaps it is indeed true that many voidsent yearn to return to the Lifestream.
Zero: Why does he look so defeated? We are closer to finding his sister, are we not?
Estinien: The eye explains how they managed to cross over, but we still don't know why they chose this time and this place for an incursion.
Spirited Engineer: Looking to head back to Lapis Manalis? Just say the word.
System: Venture to Lapis Manalis?
Varshahn: Oh, Azdaja... What has become of you, that even your eye should be so spent of aether...
Varshahn: I cannot bear the thought of her being held captive a moment longer, but how will I find her? What must I do?
Estinien: Calm yourself, Vrtra.
Estinien: I appreciate that you are upset, but such passion clouds your judgment. You must endeavor to remain composed.
Estinien: When your mind is clear, we may consider how to proceed with our search.
Varshahn: <sigh> You are right...
Estinien: In the meantime, I will help Alphinaud and Alisaie back at the village.
Y'shtola: That sounds like a fine idea. We should go as well.
Alisaie: Oh, you've come too.
Estinien: Leave Vrtra be. He needs time alone with his thoughts.
Y'shtola: Let us take comfort in the knowledge that the voidgate is closed, and that the people of Garlemald need fear the voidsent hordes no longer.
Zero: We're to help Alphinaud and Alisaie, are we? There's little else of interest here, so I wouldn't be opposed to the diversion.
Varshahn: Pray give me a moment longer.
Alphinaud: I don't see Vrtra with you. Is everything all right?
Estinien: He needs a moment to himself. While he is indisposed, we thought we'd lend you a hand.
Alisaie: I've just finished patrolling the area, so we're fine on that front.
Alisaie: There are no signs of voidsent, and I doubt we'll see any more now that the gate has been closed.
Alisaie: As for Alphinaud, he's set his sights on the ceruleum spring. We're hoping to take as much of the stuff as the snowcraft can bear.
Alisaie: That much fuel would keep the people warm for a good while.
Alphinaud: We've managed to procure a few suitable containers for transporting the ceruleum, and were about to return to the spring.
Estinien: If you've a mind to scrounge up more containers, I can take what you have now and get them filled.
Alphinaud: Thank you, Estinien. The more we can load into the snowcraft, the better.
Alisaie: Would you and Y'shtola mind helping us with our search, then?
Alisaie: You'll need to take any suitable containers to the spring, and then back to the snowcraft once you've filled them with ceruleum.
Alphinaud: Any luck finding a container?
Alisaie: Hmmm, will this be solid enough?
Y'shtola: It is a welcome change to have Zero helping of her own volition. Perhaps she is finally beginning to trust us.
System: This is less a container and more a sieve, given its poor condition and visible holes...
System: The container appears to be well suited for repurposing. It would be a fine choice for ceruleum storage.
Zero: We just need to carry this liquid fire to the snowcraft? Sounds simple enough.
System: The container is now filled to the brim with ceruleum.
Zero: If that one has been filled, you should hurry and take it to the snowcraft.
Zero: Estinien has already seen to the rest.
Zero: Go on ahead. The others asked that I remain here in the event they find more.
Estinien: Good work, my friend. I expect we'll have a sizable load to deliver.
System: The snowcraft is all but overflowing with ceruleum containers. However, several of your comrades have yet to arrive. Perhaps a nearby vantage point will afford you a more favorable view of their return.
Alisaie: It was good seeing you again. I hope you'll remember to call on us sooner the next time you need help.
Estinien: Vrtra has quelled the tempest within his heart. He should be fine.
Y'shtola: That Azdaja's eye hasn't succumbed to Darkness bespeaks her incredible resilience.
Y'shtola: So let us trust in this sign that she yet lives, and be not deterred in our efforts.
Zero: I'm not your keeper, nor do I know what you expect of me. But I will keep my word.
Varshahn: I must apologize for my bout of melancholy. To be so easily shaken ill becomes a great wyrm.
Varshahn: You have remained at my side and ever offered me support and encouragement. I haven't the words to thank you.
Alphinaud: I suppose this is where we part ways for now.
Alphinaud: Though we have every faith in you, we will pray for your safety all the same.
Alisaie: I'm glad we had the chance to talk, Zero. Take care, and till next time!
Zero: Till next time.