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The Ruling Quarter

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The Ruling Quarter

Situated upon a plateau to the south, elegant homes and villas aplenty stood within the Ruling Quarter. It is apparent that therein dwelt those in leadership positions, from members of the Forum to celebrated scholars and Archons.

— In-game description

The Ruling Quarter is an area in The Dravanian Hinterlands, Dravania.


Landmark (map icon).png
Quickspill Delta

For want of a keeper, the flood control of Sharlayan failed after the people's exodus back to their homeland, and the waters eventually overflowed. As they run swiftly through a triangular area of land, the area has been named by local goblins the Quickspill Delta.

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Matoya's Cave

One does not simply walk into Matoya's quiet and secret home. The cave's mouth is disguised as a wall of rock, and those who carelessly draw too close will be attacked by her poroggo familiars. Nearby is the Mushroomery, where she grows all manner of fungi to be used in her castings.

Landmark (map icon).png
The Path of Knowing

This colossal bridge was once a bustling artery for researchers, students, and curators commuting to and from the great Gubal Library. Its stone pillars suffered significant damage when the Calamity reshaped the land, causing a portion of the walkway to crumble and collapse.

Dungeon (map icon).png
The Great Gubal Library

A massive library constructed by the Sharlayans to house the wealth of knowledge they had amassed in their travels across the realm. Though the vast majority of the tomes that one lined its shelves were carried back to the motherland in the exodus, it is said forbidden texts still slumber in sealed-off vaults below.

Raid (map icon).png

Summoned by the Illuminati, a secretive fraternity of goblin scholars, this primal appears as a colossus made of steel and breathing steam.

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The Tipped Ewer

The spot where the melted snows of Abalathia's Spine flow emerge from their source to descend down the mountain, forming the countless tributaries that come together as the mighty Thaliak River. The name is said to come from the deity whose name the river bears and the magicked pitcher from which poured the waters of knowledge.