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The Makers' Quarter

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The Makers' Quarter

The Maker's Quarter was once the home of artisans, and the sounds of their labor rang out from the diverse workshops that lined the streets. Her craftsmen had their pick of the best finds form the Collectors' Quarter, and transformed these materials into a fantastic variety of wares.

— In-game description

The Makers' Quarter is an area in The Dravanian Hinterlands.


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The Arkhitekton

Once home to Sharlayan masters who fashioned aetherytes within its halls, this workshop is now home to the Illuminati, a nasty band of goblins who would wield the ancient technologies within fro their own nefarious ends.

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The Daggers

An area of the hinterlands where clusters of stone columns shaped like daggers protrude from the earth. The scholars of Sharlayan had long been engulfed in a heated debate over whether the name was too simple and colloquial, but a different one was never decided upon as the proposals began to exceed the columns in number.