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The Problem with Padjals

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The Problem with Padjals

White Mage Job Image 3.JPG
Quest giver
The Fringes (X:9.0, Y:11.9)
White Mage
Experience 108,000
Gil 845
Previous quest
A Beacon for Bad Things
Next quest
What She Always Wanted

Sylphie seems distressed.

— In-game description



  • Sylphie seems distressed.
  • Sylphie laments the difficulty of teaching Gatty while Sanche's health is in decline, and asks that you lend her your talents. Make your way into Dimwold, and assess the situation.
  • You arrive outside Gatty's home to find E–Sumi–Yan berating a sheepish Sylphie. Gatty and Sanche, however, are nowhere to be found. Fearing that the two have fled the guildmaster's approach only to invite further disaster, you rush off in pursuit. Travel north, and search the shallows of the Velodyna River.
  • You locate Gatty and Sanche just in time to rescue them from another voidsent attack. E–Sumi–Yan arrives a short while after with Sylphie in tow, and suggests returning to the cabin to discuss what the future holds.
  • After considering Gatty's unique situation, E–Sumi–Yan decides to permit you and Sylphie to continue the young Padjal's education at home. Head outside and discuss this development with Sylphie.
  • Sylphie is delighted by the guildmaster's decision, and thanks you for the part you've played in allowing Gatty to remain with her mother. But there is still much work to be done before the girl learns complete control over her aether─show Gatty a good example, and continue to improve upon your own skills.
    • ※The next white mage quest will be available from Sylphie upon reaching level 70.