Strength in Unity

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Strength in Unity

Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26.7, Y:17.5)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 517
Previous quest
The Intercession of Saints
Next quest
Dark Words, Dark Deeds

Woe betide the heretic who crosses Alphinaud Leveilleur, for they shall feel the full force of his fury.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Woe betide the heretic who crosses Alphinaud Leveilleur, for they shall feel the full force of his fury.
  • Having discerned Iceheart's true motive for attacking the supply caravan, Alphinaud quickly devises a plan of action. You and he will journey to Whitebrim Front and speak with Lord Drillemont, whose knights have been scouring Coerthas for the heretics ever since your encounter with them near Snowcloak. With luck, he will have information which may lead you to their lair.
  • According to Lord Drillemont, a party of pilgrims resembling those who attacked the caravan was seen transporting a large number of crates towards Snowcloak, where they vanished without a trace. Convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iceheart's followers have gone to ground somewhere in the vicinity, Ser Aymeric declares that his Temple Knights will join in the hunt for Iceheart. Not to be outdone, Alphinaud responds that he has already summoned a unit of Crystal Braves to Whitebrim Front for the same purpose. With so formidable a force devoted to the task, the heretics cannot hope to remain hidden for long. Alphinaud, however, would leave nothing to chance, and bids you explore other ways in which Iceheart might be found.


Alphinaud: The persistent attacks on our caravans seemed little more than a nuisance at first. The heretics were a problem, to be sure, but a relatively minor one.
Alphinaud: That was before I discerned the purpose behind their attacks, of course... Now they have my undivided attention.
Alphinaud: After apprising Minfilia of the situation, I shall summon a unit of Crystal Braves to assist us. As for you, [Forename]─pray join me in Whitebrim Front.
Alphinaud: Since the incident at Snowcloak, the knights of House Durendaire have redoubled their reconnaissance efforts in the region. It is my hope that they have information which may help us to determine precisely where the heretics are hiding.
Alphinaud: Given our mutual enemy, Lord Drillemont should be eager to oblige us. I shall see you there, then? Good.
Alphinaud: Just so you know, my men have already started to arrive. Captain Ilberd always keeps a few Braves at the ready in case of emergencies.
Aymeric: Commander Leveilleur's assessment is most troubling... If he is correct, Iceheart now poses a threat to Ishgard at large.
(-Taciturn Temple Knight-)By what means do these heretics travel so quickly? We must know, or our every attempt to apprehend them will be doomed to fail.
Drillemont: The Scions of the Seventh Dawn wish to join in the hunt for Iceheart? Your assistance is more than welcome, my friends.
Drillemont: Considering the report I just received, I daresay your timing could be no better.
Aymeric: We are all ears, Lord Drillemont.
Drillemont: A band of pilgrims was seen transporting a large number of crates to the west. Their garb appears to match the description provided by the squire who survived the attack.
Drillemont: Alas, our scouts lost track of them at Snowcloak─that selfsame frozen wall which we speculated might conceal the heretics' hideaway.
Drillemont: Suffice it to say, the disappearance of these “pilgrims” and their provisions all but confirms our suspicions.
Aymeric: I have heard enough. My knights will join the hunt.
Alphinaud: I took the liberty of summoning a unit of Crystal Braves to Whitebrim Front. Given the gravity of the situation, I trust you will agree that we must use every resource available to us.
Aymeric: ...These are extraordinary circumstances, Commander. 'Twould be in our best interests to coordinate our efforts.
Alphinaud: Such was my intent from the start, Ser Aymeric.
Alphinaud: And so it begins, my friend─though I daresay it will prove an all-too-brief collaboration. Iceheart will not elude the combined forces of the Crystal Braves and the Temple Knights for long.
Alphinaud: Nevertheless, a wise man does not wager all upon the success of a single solution. There may yet be subtler means by which we can locate the heretics' lair. Mayhap Lord Drillemont has one in mind?
Heretic Mage: Yes...yes...excellent.
Heretic Mage: My lady, everything has been accounted for. If there is aught else you would have us do, pray speak, and it shall be done.