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The Temple Knights are an organization answering to the Holy See of Ishgard. The organization handles national defense, protecting the public and maintaining public order, as well as other specialized duties, such as porting, sapping, etc. The Temple Knights are divided into five combat units, each headed by a Commander. The five commanders all answer to a single "Lord Commander," who serves as the de facto leader and public representative of the order.

In addition to maintaining defense and order, the Temple Knights also perform humanitarian duties for the people of Ishgard. They regularly perform training exercises with the privately-managed knights of the High Houses. Those who wish to join the Temple Knights have several avenues open to them; winning a grand tournament, recommendation from a noble or high-ranking Temple Knight for instance. However, the amount of time one may have to work to obtain knighthood is not a set length, as most who join must serve as squires for quite some time before becoming a knight proper. Once a squire becomes a knight, they can rise through the ranks through valor and perseverance, the easiest way (or most effective, perhaps) is to attain glory in battle against the Dragons, however survival rates for those who pursue this method are surprisingly low.


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The Temple Knights are responsible for the defense of national interests, as well as maintaining public order. Falling under the auspices of the Holy See, the Congregation is administered by their lord commander, Ser Aymeric de Borel, as well as several other commanders who, in addition to their other responsibilities, have direct authority over five distinct combat units. The Congregation also includes specialized support and non-combat sections comprised of sappers, porters, clerks, and so forth. Of particular note are the Order of the Friars Templar, which ministers to the spiritual needs of the Temple Knights; the Temple Knights Hospitaliers, who operate their own infirmary to tend to knights and civilians both; and the Order of the Knights Dragoon, an elite force of Temple Knights which specializes in fighting dragonkind.

Despite its impressive size, the Congregation lacks the numbers to maintain a presence throughout the whole of Coerthas, and so Temple Knights often work closely with knights of the High Houses and other noble families to preserve the safety and security of Ishgardian interests within and without the capital. [1]


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