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Spring into Action

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Spring into Action

Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:16.7, Y:22.8)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestCamp of the Convictors
Experience 11,895
Gil 553
Previous quest
Side QuestBaby Strides

Jantellot will not stop moaning about his leg.

— In-game description



  • Obtain spring water at Dragonspit.
  • Deliver the water to Jantellot.


  • Jantellot will not stop moaning about his leg.
  • Jantellot tells you that, despite his remarkable combat abilities, he has suffered injury at the claws of a monstrous dragon. He bids you fetch some healing spring water from Dragonspit, supplying you with a bottle for the purpose.
  • You fill the bottle with water from the spring. Return it to Jantellot so that he might regain his strength.
  • You provide Jantellot with the spring's healing water. He explains that, while the Convictory's supplies-- particularly of healing potions-- are low, the water you retrieved is more effective than the strongest of potions... or so some people say.


Accepting the Quest

Jantellot: Unnngh... My leg... That last dragon made quite a mess of it.
Jantellot: Had it happened to anyone else, I daresay they'd have been made a meal of. Fortunately, I'm made of sterner stuff and got away with no more than a flesh wound to show for it.
Jantellot: I'm keen to get back our there and hunt that bastard down, but I shan't be going anywhere until this leg heals up... Say, do you think you could fetch something for me?
Jantellot: The waters of Dragonspit are said to have healing properties. If I had some of that, I'd be back on my feet in no time. Take this bottle and fill it with water from that spring, would you?

Optional Dialogue

Jantellot: Head up to Dragonspit and fetch me some of that renowned spring water. I can't stand to sit around here a moment longer!

Delivering the water to Jantellot

Jantellot: Do you have that spring water? I need to get back out there. I'm sick of seeing those dragons strut about without a care in the realm! 
<Hand Over Dragonspit>
Jantellot: Good, good. And not a moment too soon—I fear those dragons are starting to forget the taste of Ishgardian steel. After a few applications of this, I'll be ready to get back out there and give them a sharp reminder.
Jantellot: They say this stuff is better than any potion. It's just as well, given how meager our supplies have been getting lately.