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The Seedseer Council is a forum for Hearers to share what they have learned from the Elementals and decide on matters of state. In effect, the Council is the highest power in the land, and the arbiter of Gridanian law. One must wonder, therefore, why they conduct their business at the Lotus Stand, an outside area with no roof. Scholars contend that this is for the benefit of the Elementals, so they may watch the proceedings.

While decisions are put to a vote, policies sometimes reflect the will of the Elementals more strongly than the opinions of the Hearers. Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, this system has changed. Faced with the challenges of the Garlean Empire and rebuilding, Gridania could scarcely afford the time spent in debate. Thus, the Council has vested its full power in Kan-E-Senna until such a time as the danger has passed.



The Seedseers are the ruling group that oversees the Hearers in the Conjurer's Guild. While the Hearers were exceptionally strong and in-tune with the Elementals, the Seedseers are considered the strongest and greatest men and women of their age. They are appointed by none other than the eldest Elemental known as The Great One. All Seedseers are Padjal, attuned to the Elementals as they are. While it is rare for more than one Seedseer to exist at a time, there are numerous exceptions to this in history.


Hearers are members of the Conjurer's Guild who can communicate with the Elementals, who convey their will to the people of Gridania. They are distinguishable by their purple robes and hats, and can be found all over the Black Shroud.

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