Merchant and Mender (Little Ala Mhigo)

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Merchant and Mender

Merchant and Mender Southern Thanalan.PNG

Male ♂
Hyur (Highlander)
Southern Thanalan (18.3,12.7)

Merchant and Mender is a Hyur found in Southern Thanalan.

Items for Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Steel broadsword icon1.png   Steel Broadsword Gladiator's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 1,737
Elm macuahuitl icon1.png   Elm Macuahuitl Gladiator's Arm ABasic 28
Gil 2,284
Thunderstorm axe icon1.png   Thunderstorm Axe Marauder's Arm ABasic 25
Gil 2,271
Spiked steel labrys icon1.png   Spiked Steel Labrys Marauder's Arm ABasic 28
Gil 4,049
Silver battle fork icon1.png   Silver Battle Fork Lancer's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 2,977
Steel halberd icon1.png   Steel Halberd Lancer's Arm ABasic 29
Gil 4,338
Toadskin cesti icon1.png   Toadskin Cesti Pugilist's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 2,274
Steel claws icon1.png   Steel Claws Pugilist's Arm ABasic 29
Gil 3,586
Steel daggers icon1.png   Steel Daggers Rogue's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 1,737
Wrapped elm longbow icon1.png   Wrapped Elm Longbow Archer's Arm ABasic 24
Gil 2,095
Ash composite bow icon1.png   Ash Composite Bow Archer's Arm ABasic 28
Gil 3,738
Ice brand icon1.png   Ice Brand One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 1,778
Silver scepter icon1.png   Silver Scepter One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm ABasic 28
Gil 2,440
Toothed staghorn staff icon1.png   Toothed Staghorn Staff Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 2,688
Engraved goatskin grimoire icon1.png   Engraved Goatskin Grimoire Arcanist's Grimoire ABasic 30
Gil 3,908
Whispering ash wand icon1.png   Whispering Ash Wand One-handed Conjurer's Arm ABasic 26
Gil 1,778
Yew wand icon1.png   Yew Wand One-handed Conjurer's Arm ABasic 29
Gil 2,487
Yew crook icon1.png   Yew Crook Two-handed Conjurer's Arm ABasic 25
Gil 2,271
Walnut cane icon1.png   Walnut Cane Two-handed Conjurer's Arm ABasic 29
Gil 3,586
Iron kite shield icon1.png   Iron Kite Shield Shield ABasic 27
Gil 3,486
Goatskin targe icon1.png   Goatskin Targe Shield ABasic 28
Gil 2,336

Purchase Tools

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Iron chocobotail saw icon1.png   Iron Chocobotail Saw Saw ABasic 28
Gil 2,544
Heavy crowsbeak hammer icon1.png   Heavy Crowsbeak Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 29
Gil 2,718
Initiates file icon1.png   Initiate's File File ABasic 25
Gil 1,355
Wrapped iron raising hammer icon1.png   Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 29
Gil 2,776
Initiates pliers icon1.png   Initiate's Pliers Pliers ABasic 25
Gil 1,319
Steel chaser hammer icon1.png   Steel Chaser Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 29
Gil 2,718
Iron head knife icon1.png   Iron Head Knife Head Knife ABasic 28
Gil 2,388
Silver needle icon1.png   Silver Needle Needle ABasic 28
Gil 1,713
Conical alembic icon1.png   Conical Alembic Alembic ABasic 28
Gil 2,232
Bomb frypan icon1.png   Bomb Frypan Frypan ABasic 28
Gil 2,284
Steel pickaxe icon1.png   Steel Pickaxe Pickaxe ABasic 29
Gil 2,718
Plumed iron hatchet icon1.png   Plumed Iron Hatchet Hatchet ABasic 28
Gil 2,388
Yew fishing rod icon1.png   Yew Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 25
Gil 1,795

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Velveteen turban icon1.png   Velveteen Turban Head ABasic 25
Gil 1,154
Silver spectacles icon1.png   Silver Spectacles Head ABasic 25
Gil 1,314
Silver circlet (garnet) icon1.png   Silver Circlet (Garnet) Head ABasic 28
Gil 2,226
Silver circlet (goshenite) icon1.png   Silver Circlet (Goshenite) Head ABasic 28
Gil 2,226
Heavy iron armor icon1.png   Heavy Iron Armor Body ABasic 25
Gil 3,540
Velveteen shirt icon1.png   Velveteen Shirt Body ABasic 25
Gil 1,428
Velveteen cowl icon1.png   Velveteen Cowl Body ABasic 27
Gil 2,568
Steel chainmail icon1.png   Steel Chainmail Body ABasic 28
Gil 3,037
Heavy iron gauntlets icon1.png   Heavy Iron Gauntlets Hands ABasic 25
Gil 1,795
Fingerless goatskin gloves icon1.png   Fingerless Goatskin Gloves Hands ABasic 25
Gil 1,282
Goatskin ringbands icon1.png   Goatskin Ringbands Hands ABasic 26
Gil 1,158
Steel vambraces icon1.png   Steel Vambraces Hands ABasic 28
Gil 2,180
Heavy iron flanchard icon1.png   Heavy Iron Flanchard Legs ABasic 25
Gil 2,748
Velveteen sarouel icon1.png   Velveteen Sarouel Legs ABasic 25
Gil 1,099
Striped velveteen slops icon1.png   Striped Velveteen Slops Legs ABasic 25
Gil 1,099
Velveteen tights icon1.png   Velveteen Tights Legs ABasic 27
Gil 1,220
Velveteen trousers icon1.png   Velveteen Trousers Legs ABasic 28
Gil 1,947
Goatskin crakows icon1.png   Goatskin Crakows Feet ABasic 25
Gil 1,172
Goatskin boots icon1.png   Goatskin Boots Feet ABasic 26
Gil 1,654

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Velveteen bandana icon1.png   Velveteen Bandana Head ABasic 23
Gil 665
Silver magnifiers icon1.png   Silver Magnifiers Head ABasic 25
Gil 1,314
Velveteen wedge cap of crafting icon1.png   Velveteen Wedge Cap of Crafting Head ABasic 27
Gil 1,464
Velveteen coatee of crafting icon1.png   Velveteen Coatee of Crafting Body ABasic 26
Gil 1,613
Velveteen coatee of gathering icon1.png   Velveteen Coatee of Gathering Body ABasic 27
Gil 1,812
Toadskin jerkin icon1.png   Toadskin Jerkin Body ABasic 29
Gil 2,819
Velveteen halfgloves icon1.png   Velveteen Halfgloves Hands ABasic 24
Gil 902
Fingerless goatskin gloves of gathering icon1.png   Fingerless Goatskin Gloves of Gathering Hands ABasic 25
Gil 1,282
Velveteen shortgloves icon1.png   Velveteen Shortgloves Hands ABasic 28
Gil 1,453
Velveteen work gloves icon1.png   Velveteen Work Gloves Hands ABasic 30
Gil 2,242
Velveteen chausses icon1.png   Velveteen Chausses Legs ABasic 24
Gil 846
Velveteen sarouel of gathering icon1.png   Velveteen Sarouel of Gathering Legs ABasic 25
Gil 1,099
Velveteen bottoms icon1.png   Velveteen Bottoms Legs ABasic 28
Gil 1,557
Toadskin culottes icon1.png   Toadskin Culottes Legs ABasic 30
Gil 2,403
Elm pattens icon1.png   Elm Pattens Feet ABasic 24
Gil 1,160
Goatskin crakows of gathering icon1.png   Goatskin Crakows of Gathering Feet ABasic 25
Gil 1,172
Velveteen gaiters icon1.png   Velveteen Gaiters Feet ABasic 28
Gil 1,661
Toadskin workboots icon1.png   Toadskin Workboots Feet ABasic 30
Gil 2,563

Purchase Items

Item Type Cost
Potion icon1.png   Potion Medicine Gil 28
Ether icon1.png   Ether Medicine Gil 60
Antidote icon1.png   Antidote Medicine Gil 39
Eye drops icon1.png   Eye Drops Medicine Gil 19
Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 2 Dark Matter Other Gil 12
Grade 3 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 3 Dark Matter Other Gil 24
Saltwater boilie icon1.png   Saltwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Freshwater boilie icon1.png   Freshwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Bass ball icon1.png   Bass Ball Other Gil 6
Chocobo fly icon1.png   Chocobo Fly Other Gil 324
Syrphid basket icon1.png   Syrphid Basket Other Gil 7