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Letters from No One

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Letters from No One

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:10.4, Y:9.8)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Experience 0
Gil 615
Previous quest
Side QuestThe Whipping Boy
Next quest
Side QuestThe Life and Lies of Father Saturnois

Theomocent deliberates on how best to proceed with the investigation.

— In-game description





  • Theomocent deliberates on how best to proceed with the investigation.
  • Theomocent and Leigh have offered to assist Archombadin in identifying the individual behind the suspicious letters calling for his expulsion. Unfortunately, while all are eager to get investigating, no one is quite sure where to begin the search. Putting your heads together, however, you soon come up with a plan of attack: to collect as many letters as you can and compare them to see what you clues you might glean. Intent on getting to the bottom of the case once and for all, you return to the scholasticate.
  • You take a look around and speak with the seminarians─some of whom are able to confirm that not everyone received the suspicious letters. Having gathered a substantial stack of letters from both neglected corners of the scholasticate and students of scripture, meet up with Theomocent and Leigh to compare notes.
  • Together with Crammevoix and Blaisie, you read through the letters you have gathered. You quickly observe that there appear to be three distinct versions, all conveying a common message: that Archombadin should be expelled from the scholasticate immediately. You further surmise that it is highly likely that whoever distributed these letters is, in fact, none other than the true culprit behind Ulaa's abduction─a crime that appears to have been committed for the sole purpose of framing Archombadin. In light of this new evidence, you decide to make your way to the Vault to report to Inspector Briardien, who will undoubtedly be able to shed further light on the matter with his prodigious powers of deduction.
  • You share your findings with the inspector, who quickly deduces who is responsible for both the kidnapping and the letters. Knowing that you have come to the same conclusion as him, he reveals no more, but imparts upon those present a potent technique to induce laser-like focus and open the mind to all possible solutions. Equipped with this knowledge, you are now more than ready to face your man!