Feint and Strike

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Feint and Strike

Feint and Strike Image.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.6, Y:11.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Baderon's Jottings Icon.png  Baderon's Jottings
Experience 5,520
Gil 220
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestMen of the Blue Tattoos
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestHigh Society

Baderon has a task for a trusted adventurer.

— In-game description



You have received your first unique "quest reward." Items like the Lominsan ring icon1.png  Lominsan Ring can not be sold or desynthesized, and if discarded they can be re-bought for a pittance of gil at any Calamity Salvager.



  • Baderon has a task for a trusted adventurer.
  • As if to underscore Baderon's warning of impending attack, Reyner receives word that the South Tidegate is under assault by Sahagin forces. Make haste to the settlement of Swiftperch and speak with the Yellowjacket, Ryssfloh.
  • With the help of the valiant Yellowjacket soldiers, you have defeated the marauding Serpent Reavers and protected the residents of Swiftperch. According to the Sharlayan native, Y'shtola, it seems that the Sahagin and their pirate allies were being manipulated by a masked mage she called an “Ascian.” Though much remains shrouded in mystery, not the least of which is a strange black crystal you discovered near the mage's remains, the truth behind the kidnappings has finally come to light. Return to the Coral Tower and report to Commodore Reyner.
  • Admiral Merlwyb expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the numerous deeds you have performed in the service of Limsa Lominsa. As part of your reward, the Admiral insists that you attend an upcoming banquet and be honored before the gathered dignitaries. Expectations are high as you prepare to face the unknown challenges that lie ahead.