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Disambig icon.png This article is about the game mechanic. For landmark in Black Brush, see The Coffer & Coffin.

A Coffer is a container with multiple items inside. Coffers are used by the developers for two reasons, first to bypass internal limits on the number of items that can be given by a single quest. Second, it allows developers to ensure players receive gear they can use on their current class or job. Players must first use the coffer from their inventory before the gear is accessible. The items contained within all coffers are fixed and do not change based on player level or any other progress.

Coffers without a gear slot icon, such as those awarded by Job Quests (Valor armor coffer (il 90) icon1.png  Valor Armor Coffer (IL 90)), grant all items in the coffer at once. Several Glamour Sets are also awarded this way, for example Scion travelers attire coffer icon1.png  Scion Traveler's Attire Coffer.

Coffers with a gear slot icon, such as Level 18 weapon coffer icon1.png  Level 18 Weapon Coffer, will grant a single piece of equipment for that slot when opened, based your current class or job. If there is no item in the coffer usable by your current class, you will be unable to open it until you change to a suitable class.

Additionally, Patch 6.2 converted all lootable Swords and Shields into a single coffer-like item, for example Gladiators plundered arms (lv. 15) icon1.png  Gladiator's Plundered Arms (Lv. 15). This ensures both Sword and Shield drop together and that Gladiator frame icon.png Gladiators and Paladin frame icon.png Paladins are not disadvantaged in gearing.