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The Oracle of Light

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The Oracle of Light

The Oracle of Light.png
Quest giver
Lakeland (X:8.5, Y:16.0)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Required items
4 Treated Fodder.png  Treated Fodder
Experience 218,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestLogistics of War
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestIl Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom

Main Scenario Progress: 568 / 853 (66.6%)


Shadowbringers Progress: 27 / 157 (17.2%)


With the operation fast approaching, Lyna means to put you to work.

— In-game description



  • For this fight, Lyna will join you from the start. Alphinaud and Alisaie will temporarily join you.
  • Follow Lyna while defeating any Eulmoran enemies and reinforcements.
  • After you reach Minfilla, you will head back the way you came before coming face to face with Ran'jit
  • At the start, Lyna, Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Minfilla will fight with you, but Ran'jit will knock them away leaving you to fight alone. Watch out for his AOE circle and line attacks.
  • He will be aid by an untargetable foe named Gukumatz.
  • Throughout the fight, he will use a blowback technique and he will also summon untargetable flames that will cast an AOE circle before exploding.



  • With the operation fast approaching, Lyna means to put you to work.
  • For the operation, it appears that the amaro must be given the selfsame serum that you were compelled to take. In order to encourage the beasts to cooperate, the foul concoction has been sprinkled on their fodder. All that remains is to see them fed. Lyna bids you assist in this task, and directs you to fetch the fodder from the amaro launch.
  • You have obtained the fodder. Time to see if the amaro will be fooled.
  • Though some amaro are plainly unimpressed by the taste, they all devour the fodder. Lyna will be eager for your report.
  • The preparations for the operation proceed apace, and Lyna instructs you to make ready and await deployment at the top of the main watchtower.
  • The operation has begun. From your vantage point overlooking Laxan Loft, you watch as the dream powder takes effect on the Eulmoran soldiers below. At Lyna's command, you mount your amaro and descend on the stronghold to rescue Minfilia.
  • You make your way through Laxan Loft and succeed in finding Minfilia, only to find your path barred by General Ran'jit, who effortlessly overpowers you. Just when it seems twisted Eulmoran justice is to be your fate, help arrives in the form of Thancred. Though he too is no match for your foe, he does enough to create an opening for you to flee, and leads you away to the neighboring region of Il Mheg, where you should be safe from pursuit. However, a new predicament soon presents itself, as mischievous voices ring out everywhere and nowhere, and some manner of enchantment takes the party in its grip.
    • ※If you leave Il Mheg, you may re-enter via the gate on Lakeland's northwestern border.
  • In vexed tones, Thancred explains that Il Mheg is the home of the fae folk, the most prominent of whom are the pixies. These mischievous souls employ powerful illusions to play tricks on trespassers, and you are now completely at their mercy...