The Mizzenmast

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The Mizzenmast

The heart of Limsa Lominsa, the Mizzenmast rises over the wreckage of the Galadion where the ship's own mast once stood. Within it lies the Bridge, and airship landing, a tavern, and an inn—all of which can be reached using a complex system of pulleys known as the Crow's Lift.

— In-game description

The Mizzenmast is an area in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks.


Inn (map icon).png
Mizzenmast Inn

As sailors prefer to sleep in their gently rocking cabins even while in port, the Mizzenmast Inn welcomes adventurers seeking a more steady bed on dry land, as well as merchants with coin in their purses to spare.

Mail (map icon).png
Delivery Moogle

Landmark (map icon).png
Crow's Lift

Adventurers guild icon1.png
The Drowning Wench

Notoriously rumored to be named after the proprietor's mother, the Drowning Wench is an alehouse that occupies an entire story within the Mizzenmast. Only sailors and pirates frequented the place until Baderon Tenfingers, a retired sellsword, became owner. he permitted the Adventurers' Guild to set up shop, and the tavern has begun to attract a more varied clientele. The Drowning Wench prides itself on fare that is both affordable and delicious, and is famed for its La Noscean toast.

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