The Honey Yard

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The Honey Yard

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East Shroud
(The Black Shroud)
Connects to
Central Shroud (W)
The Hawthorne Hut (X:17.8, Y:27.3)

The plethora of blossoms in this area makes it the ideal locale for beekeepers to set up their wooden hives. Unfortunately, the Honey Yard also draws all manner of fiends hungry fur honeybees and their golden syrup.

— In-game description

The Honey Yard is an area in East Shroud.


Landmark (map icon).png
Fullflower Comb

Led by Rosa Hawthorne, the beekeepers of Fullflower Comb have gained renown fur the excellent honey and beeswax their hives produce.

Ferry icon.png
Sweetbloom Pier

Bordering the Whispering Gorge, Sweetbloom Pier serves as a port of call for the ferry traveling to Gridania. Waiting passengers can enjoy the sight of countless wildflowers, and the scent of nectar wafting through the air.