Thanks For Your Support

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Thanks For Your Support

Thanks For Your Support.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle Quests
Required items
1 Lominsan anchovy icon1.png  Lominsan Anchovy
Experience 0
Gil 838

The Deputy Postmoogle wants you to slip into something more comfortable.

— In-game description



Obtain a Lominsan anchovy icon1.png  Lominsan Anchovy before starting the quest to save time. It can be bought cheaply from Holasfhis in Limsa Lominsa or can be fished.



  • The deputy postmoogle wants you to slip into something more comfortable.
  • In honor of your selfless contributions to the delivery service, the deputy postmoogle would like to reward you with a relaxing trip to meet Wawalago, the laid-back master of the Fishermen's Guild, and learn the secrets of easy living. The fact that a letter needs delivering to the very same man is entirely coincidental.
  • Wawalago lazily scans the lines of the letter: it is from Rorojaru, a fast friend of the guildmaster and previously prosperous purveyor from Ul'dah who has fallen on trying times. He writes to request a trade: an item of immense interest to a fish fancier for a single fish─the rarer the better. Wawalago directs you to the ferry docks to receive Rorojaru and relay the guildmaster's reply.
  • You meet with Rorojaru at the docks and deliver Wawalago's note. The troubled trader is staking the last remnant of his once-mighty fortune on this deal, and relishes Wawalago's receptiveness to his request. But one problem remains: the guildmaster would make the trade at Candlekeep Quay, but how to transport the treasure all that way? If only there were an adventurer adept at delivering packages nearby... Remember─lift with your legs, not with your back.
  • You lift Rorojaru's chest with aplomb. All that remains is to transport it to Candlekeep Quay in lower La Noscea, and reunite it with its owner.
  • Wawalago inspects the trader's treasure, but to Rorojaru's dismay, he deems it of insufficient value to cover the cost of the fish. Still, the guildmaster offers his friend a lifeline to rescue the deal: if Rorojaru should catch a fish─any fish─in the time it takes for you to return with a Lominsan anchovy, he will sanction the trade. If not, the deal is dead, and the trader's dreams with it. By what method you obtain the fish, and how quickly you choose to present it to Wawalago, are for your own conscience to decide.
  • You hand over the Lominsan anchovy to Wawalago. Despite his best efforts, Rorojaru has been unable to capture a single sprat in the time it took you, leaving the deal dead in the water. But as Rorojaru mourns the loss of his fortune, Wawalago catches a fish of superlative rarity and presents it to his friend as a reward for his endeavors, before taking his leave. To your surprise, the money-mad merchant releases the prize catfish that was to be his ticket to regaining his riches, choosing instead to emulate Wawalago in living the carefree life of a fish. He throws off the trammels of the trading life, starting and ending with the last of his fortune─a shining subligar buffed to an iridescent sheen, prized in fishing circles for its power to invigorate the local fish stocks. May it offer you similar support in your adventures to come.