Swimming and Diving

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Swimming and Diving are mechanics introduced in Stormblood (4.0).


Embark on new adventures under water with full freedom of movement and without time limits. You will be able to undertake various quests and even gather with Disciples of the Land just as you did on the shores of Eorzea. Entering certain bodies of water will allow players to float and swim. When special conditions are met, diving under water will also be possible.

  • Automatically switches to swim mode upon entering an accessible body of water
  • Not all bodies of water are accessible
  • Walk (breast stroke), Sprint (crawl)
  • Only Flying Mounts can swim
  • Available in limited ARR areas like Costa del Sol
  • Movement is slightly slower than walking/running
  • No combat while swimming
  • No loading times when switching to swim mode


While swimming in a body of water, you simply need to descend as you would with any flying mount. If you are riding a flying mount, you can go from flying to diving by descending into water at the proper angle. Swimming toward the surface will allow you to leave deep waters automatically.

  • Can only dive in selectable bodies of water
  • No loading times when moving to dive mode
  • No need to worry about drowning (endless diving magically enabled)
  • All flying mounts can dive
  • Diving is available only in Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker areas
  • No battles during diving
  • NPC interactions and gathering possible
  • New gathering locations (especially for fishers)
  • Diving is unlocked via Main Scenario QuestIn Soroban We Trust

The default diving keyboard/button assignments are "Ctrl+Space" on keyboard, "B" button on XBox game controllers and "O" button on PS4/PS5 game controllers.