Stray into the Shadows

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Stray into the Shadows

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Experience 3,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Dainty Dilemma
Next quest
Feature QuestStifled Screams

Jacke has another assignment for you.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:



  • Jacke has another assignment for you.
  • Jacke has tasked you with reclaiming a shipment of stolen firearms. The pirates responsible for the theft have been apprehended, but it seems the muskets had already been fenced. Speak with V'kebbe, and discuss how the job should be approached.
  • V'kebbe suggests you check in with one of rogues' spies to see what information can be had regarding the fenced firearms. Speak with the woman posing as a fishmonger at the Hyaline.
  • The “fishmonger” informs you that the pillaged muskets were purchased by a south seas organization known as the Traders of Edge. Speak with V'kebbe at the Hyaline and relay your discoveries.
  • After you tell V'kebbe what the spy knew of the Traders of Edge merchant, she decides that further information gathering is required. Visit the Bismarck, the ferry docks, and East Hawkers' Alley, and use your Hide ability to surreptitiously listen in on any potentially useful mutterings.
  • You have gathered information from your assigned locations. Rendezvous with V'kebbe in front of the Rogues' Guild and share what you have learned.
  • Based on the information you have gathered, V'kebbe deduces that the shady merchant means to depart by ship in the very near future. The Stray proposes her plan: wait for the trader to stack his goods on the pier, then sneak past the hired blades and steal back the Yellowjackets' firearms. Speak with V'kebbe once more when you are ready to begin the operation.
  • You have successfully reclaimed the stolen muskets and returned them to the Yellowjackets. Report to V'kebbe in front of the Rogues' Guild.
  • Jacke joins you outside the Rogues' Guild, and praises you for a job well done. While he is informing V'kebbe of the unfortunate conclusion to the missing sandwich saga, however, his deception is inadvertently revealed by the arrival of an oblivious Perimu Haurimu. V'kebbe then responds as she would to any violation of the code. Head inside the guild and see what has become of its supper-stealing guildmaster.
  • Suffering from several nasty rope burns but otherwise none the worse for wear, Jacke appears sincerely contrite for his act of sandwich larceny. He explains that being strung up is one of the least of the punishments a person might suffer at the hands of the rogues. Return to disciplining your body and mind that you might properly dispense justice to those that defy the code.
    • ※The next rogue quest will be available from Jacke upon reaching level 15.


Jacke: A fine evenin' to ye, [Player]. 
Jacke: An' a fine evenin' it is for a spot o' work, wouldn't ye agree?
Jacke: This time 'round, it seems some eager buccaneers scampered aboard a local merchantman an' made off with a shipment o' muskets.
Jacke: Now, seein' as it ain't lawful to cloy from a Lominsan vessel to begin with, the Yellowjackets fell upon them daft coves afore their boots was even dry.
Jacke: Aye, they caught the pirates right there on the docks, but the stolen boomsticks was nowhere to be found—fenced in a longboat deal, I'm thinkin'.
Jacke: That's when our guild was officially contacted to retrieve the goods. ...Which weren't really needful, since the code would have had us on the job, anyway. "Ye don't bite the purses o' yer fellow Lominsans," an' all that.
Jacke: So, this's yer assignment, me natty lad/lass: find out where them weapons went, an' bite that shipment back.
Jacke: Seein' as the cutters as hit that merchantman are already rottin' in irons, ye needn't rush in with yer stabbers a-stabbin'. I want this job handled quick an' quiet, an' I've the perfect partner to show ye how it's done.
Jacke: This here's V'kebbe the Stray. Ain't no other rogue what can match her in the arts o' skulkin'.
V'kebbe: ...A pleasure.
Jacke: ...There some problem, V'kebbe? Ye seem a bit out o' sorts.
V'kebbe: I'm bloody starvin'. I had one o' them finger sandwiches set aside—ye know, those egg-filled tasties they make at the Bismarck—but when I got back from me work, it was bloody gone...
Jacke: (Uh-oh. That was V'kebbe's? I'd thought it was Underfoot's...)
Jacke: <cough> Ahem! Well, ye just head out on the job, an' I'll see if I can't turn up that missin' sandwich by the time ye return!
V'kebbe: ...All right, Jacke.
Jacke: Ah, one more little detail ye should know: them muskets was meant for the Yellowjackets' armory, so once all is bob, ye can hand the goods to one o' their culls directly.

Speaking to V'kebbe

V'kebbe: We can start whenever yer ready, [Player].
V'kebbe: I've had a colleague keepin' a wattle out for aught that might help us, so I suggest ye have a few whids with her first.
V'kebbe: Ye'll find her at the Hyaline, posin' as a fishmonger.

Speaking to the Fishmonger

Fishmonger: 'Ello there, sir/[?]. We've carp an' trout, lobster an' shrimp...but I 'ear tell ye've been lookin' for a special breed o' fish—the long, shiny kind what's bark'll put a bloke on 'is arse.
Fishmonger: We don't sell that kind 'ere, but ye might try them foreign merchants—what was they called again?—ah, the "Traders of Edge." They 'ail from the south sea isles, an' are known for dealin' in all types o' nasty spitters an' cutters.
Fishmonger: I should warn ye: these folk ain't ones for questionin' the source o' their merchandise. In fact, they seem more'n 'appy to pay for goods what came from "belowdecks," so to speak.
Fishmonger: But if yer still keen to get yer 'ands on those rare fish, then ye'd best 'urry—the Edge merchant what's visitin' Lominsa is lookin' to load up an' leave the city afore long.
Fishmonger: Just 'ow 'e means to transport 'is goods remains a mystery, though. What with all the 'ired blades 'e's got nursin' 'is operation, it makes it 'ard for a girl to get close enough to eyeball the competition, it does!
Fishmonger: I'll be sure to keep an eye peeled on yer behalf, but it might be as ye can learn a little more from the folk 'round town...

Speaking to V'kebbe

V'kebbe: ...Traders of Edge, eh? Well, if one o' their merchant's<sic> been stayin' in the city, then someone'll know somethin' to point us in the right direction.
V'kebbe: The trick is to listen without bein' seen. Ye'd be surprised at how culls'll cackle when they think no one else is about.
V'kebbe: We'll focus on places what see plenty o' traffic. Ye can have the Bismarck, the ferry docks, and East Hawkers' Alley.
V'kebbe: I'll try me luck at a few other spots, then meet ye in front o' the guild when I'm done. Remember: keep hidden, keep quiet, an' keep yer wattles open.


At the Bismarck

System: Diving Dove appears distressed over some matter. Approach her while cloaked by your Hide ability and attempt to eavesdrop on her grumbling.
System: Diving Dove is grumbling in discontent...
Diving Dove: Ugh! The sneer on that customer's face! Does he think I can command the skillet to cook more swiftly just to meet his pressing departure schedule?
Diving Dove: I don't know how things are done in the south seas, but here in Limsa Lominsa folk appreciate that fine cuisine cannot be rushed!
Diving Dove: ...Come now, Dove, you must not speak ill of the patrons. Now, what was next on my list? Ah, another finger sandwich for the Dutiful Sisters. Someone there must be rather fond of eggs...

At the ferry docks

System: Rerenasu appears distraught. Approach him while cloaked by your Hide ability and attempt to eavesdrop on his mumbling.
System: Rerenasu is mumbling anxiously to himself...
Rerenasu: Curse my sense of duty... Would that I had stayed at the Wench for that extra pint instead of returning early.
Rerenasu: I didn't ask to see anyone being bribed! And certainly not my relief pilot! I wonder what that merchant was about? Smuggling? Most likely...
Rerenasu: Should I report this to the Yellowjackets? ...But what if I'm being watched? I could end up facedown in the harbor...

At Hawker's Alley

System: Gerulf is speaking in a low but lively tone to a nearby customer. Approach him while cloaked by your Hide ability and attempt to eavesdrop on his exhortations.
System: Gerulf is hawking his wares to a customer...
Gerulf: You have quite an eye for quality, sir! We've a splendid range of produce from every corner of Eorzea, but one simply cannot visit Limsa Lominsa without sampling some of the local specialties!
Gerulf: Would you care for some freshly squeezed La Noscean orange juice? Or perhaps our famed salt cod is more to your taste...?
System: Gerulf continues to espouse the virtues of his merchandise, but his impassioned urgings appear to have little relevance to your assignment.

Reporting back to V'kebbe

V'kebbe: Welcome back, [Player]. I hope yer skulkin' went well.
V'kebbe: Ye might be an angel o' death with the daggers, colt, but any rogue what shuns the shadows is headed for an early grave. A sneaky cove can nose about without riskin' a scrap, or slip himself into the best position to ambush a mark.
V'kebbe: Once they've seen ye, though, yer rum fun is done. Hidin' is part concealment an' part distraction, an' ye won't be disappearin' on a cove what already knows yer there.
V'kebbe: All right, I'm done prattlin'. What'd ye manage to learn about our musket-buyin' merchant friend?
V'kebbe: Slippin' coin to a ferry pilot, was he? An' by what ye heard from that chef at the Bismarck, this trader means to hop the twig, an' soon.
V'kebbe: That matches with me own findin's: he's vacated his rooms at the inn an' paid his dues in full.
V'kebbe: Bein' a merchant, we can be sure that he won't be leavin' without his merchandise. So, here's the plan: we wait for him to stack his goods on the pier, then you ghost in an' grabble them firearms.
V'kebbe: I'm hopin' we can get the job done quiet an' under cover of darkmans, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. Sounds like he's got a small army o' sellswords on the payroll...

Speaking to V'kebbe again

V'kebbe: I'll send word to the Yellowjackets, an' have 'em post a cull near Hawkers' Alley. That way ye won't have far to bolt once ye've bitten the goods.
V'kebbe: The mark should be along any moment, [Player]. Have ye got yer skulkin' boots on?

Solo duty

V'kebbe the Stray: I've spotted the mark at the end of the pier.
V'kebbe the Stray: Sneak over there an' lighten his load.


Traders of Edge Merchant: You! You are not supposed to be here! I thought I ordered my hirelings to keep this jetty clear!
Traders of Edge Merchant: Hm?
...One...two...three... There's one missing. Traders of Edge Merchant: My crate of muskets! It's gone! Traders of Edge Merchant: Thief! Stop him/her, you useless sluggards! What am I paying you for!?

Solo duty

V'kebbe the Stray: We've no place to run...
Time to get yer stabbers out! Traders of Edge Merchant: Thieves! Scoundrels!
A bonus to the one who brings me their hides! V'kebbe the Stray: Slink past any other swads in yer way,
an' get them goods to the Yellowjackets. V'kebbe the Stray: I'll lead these culls a merry chase.
Meet me in front o' the guild once all is bob! Yellowjacket: Aye, these are our stolen muskets.
The quartermaster will be pleased.

Reporting back to V'kebbe again

V'kebbe: That turned hairy, didn't it, colt?
V'kebbe: Once ye reached the Yellowjacket, though, the merchant called off his blades. Wise enough to cut his losses, I'll give him that.
V'kebbe: I'd say we're all done here. Let's head back inside an' tell Jacke the bene news.


Jacke: I heard the sounds o' fightin' comin' from outside, an' now I've whiddled the cause of it. ...I thought we were aimin' for "subtle" on this job.
Jacke: That many swads, was there? But ye got the Yellowjackets what they wanted, so all's well that ends well, eh?
V'kebbe: Yer on yer way to becomin' a first-class rogue, [Player].
V'kebbe: Aye, the job didn't unfold exactly as planned, but do ye see the value o' keepin' out o' sight? Skulkin' might seem slow, but it can save ye time—an' a fair amount o' bleedin'—in the long run.
Jacke: Ah, speakin' of unexpected developments... I've a bit o' bad news for ye, V'kebbe.
Jacke: I searched high an' low, but it seems some unprincipled cove has yaffled yer sandwich. There were naught but crumbs to be found.
V'kebbe: No... My sandwich... It was a Bismarck special...
V'kebbe: Do ye know how much I was lookin' forward to that meal!? Me belly's about ready to cave in on itself!
Jacke: 'Tis a tragedy o' the highest order, love. An' ye know I can't bear to see me rogues in such distress...
Jacke: So, I gave Underfoot a special assignment—he should be back any moment now...
Jacke: ...with a freshly made Bismarck special finger sandwich!
V'kebbe: Ye did that for me!? Yer not japin' with me, are ye, Jacke!?
Jacke: This ain't no japin' matter. 'Tis a guildmaster's responsibility to see that all his coves an' morts are at their best for the job.
Perimu Haurimu: Ah, Jacke, there ye are! I've got that sandwich ye ordered!
Perimu Haurimu: An' didn't the chef give me a wattle-ful when I said we was in a hurry! Maybe next time ye could think twice afore ye yaffle a fellow rogue's sup—
Perimu Haurimu: ...Oh, bollocks.
Jacke: ...
V'kebbe: ...Jacke. Did you eat my supper?
Jacke: Now, now, lass, let's not be hasty. There's a fresh new sandwich right here for ye. No harm done, eh?
V'kebbe: Ye've cloyed somethin' what belonged to me, Jacke. An' I can't ignore the code...
Jacke: Ahahaha, aye, the code! We musn't ignore the code! ...Yer havin' a laugh, aren't ye, lass? ...Lass?
Jacke: Aaargh!
Perimu Haurimu: ...That might be the swiftest string-up I've ever seen.
V'kebbe: A punishment to fit the crime. Take a good long look, [Player].
V'kebbe: The code exists to preserve peace in Limsa—to keep the alleys from runnin' red with blood. This city's me home, an' I'll draw daggers on any cove fool enough to threaten that peace.
Perimu Haurimu: A pointed lesson. Let's head inside, eh? Yer sandwich'll get cold.
Jacke: Hey! Do ye mean to leave me here all night!? At least ye gave me a grand view o' the harbor! ...Gods' piss, these ropes are tight!
Yellowjacket Soldier: And now we find ourselves indebted to the Rogues' Guild. The Rogues' Guild.
Yellowjacket Soldier: Hmph, the impropriety of it all. Would that I could see them occupying a cell next to those thieving pirates...

Speaking to Jacke

Jacke: Ow... Them ropes'll leave chafe marks for a bleedin' week. I may've wriggled meself free, but that's the last time I let me belly do the thinkin'...
Jacke: An' just think: V'kebbe strung me up over an egg sandwich. Those coves what well an' truly stomp on the code get it far worse. Keep up yer trainin', lad, an' ye'll soon be handin' out rogue justice yerself.