Stray into the Shadows

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Stray into the Shadows

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Experience 3,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
A Dainty Dilemma
Next quest
Stifled Screams

Jacke has another assignment for you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Jacke has another assignment for you.
  • Jacke has tasked you with reclaiming a shipment of stolen firearms. The pirates responsible for the theft have been apprehended, but it seems the muskets had already been fenced. Speak with V'kebbe, and discuss how the job should be approached.
  • V'kebbe suggests you check in with one of rogues' spies to see what information can be had regarding the fenced firearms. Speak with the woman posing as a fishmonger at the Hyaline.
  • The “fishmonger” informs you that the pillaged muskets were purchased by a south seas organization known as the Traders of Edge. Speak with V'kebbe at the Hyaline and relay your discoveries.
  • After you tell V'kebbe what the spy knew of the Traders of Edge merchant, she decides that further information gathering is required. Visit the Bismarck, the ferry docks, and East Hawkers' Alley, and use your Hide ability to surreptitiously listen in on any potentially useful mutterings.
  • You have gathered information from your assigned locations. Rendezvous with V'kebbe in front of the Rogues' Guild and share what you have learned.
  • Based on the information you have gathered, V'kebbe deduces that the shady merchant means to depart by ship in the very near future. The Stray proposes her plan: wait for the trader to stack his goods on the pier, then sneak past the hired blades and steal back the Yellowjackets' firearms. Speak with V'kebbe once more when you are ready to begin the operation.
  • You have successfully reclaimed the stolen muskets and returned them to the Yellowjackets. Report to V'kebbe in front of the Rogues' Guild.
  • Jacke joins you outside the Rogues' Guild, and praises you for a job well done. While he is informing V'kebbe of the unfortunate conclusion to the missing sandwich saga, however, his deception is inadvertently revealed by the arrival of an oblivious Perimu Haurimu. V'kebbe then responds as she would to any violation of the code. Head inside the guild and see what has become of its supper-stealing guildmaster.
  • Suffering from several nasty rope burns but otherwise none the worse for wear, Jacke appears sincerely contrite for his act of sandwich larceny. He explains that being strung up is one of the least of the punishments a person might suffer at the hands of the rogues. Return to disciplining your body and mind that you might properly dispense justice to those that defy the code.
    • ※The next rogue quest will be available from Jacke upon reaching level 15.