Proud Creek

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Proud Creek

Of late, this area to the north of Fallgourd Float is thick with lxals who seem more numerous each day than the last.

— In-game description

Proud Creek is an area in North Shroud, The Black Shroud.


Landmark (map icon).png
Ixali Logging Grounds

The lxal have never taken well their banishment from the Black Shroud; and to this day continue to fell the hoary sentinels growing on the forest's outskirts. Too heavy to drag back to their settlements in Natalan or faraway Xelphatol, the ill-gotten lumber is tied to balloons buoyed with lxali airstones and flown to the beast tribe's homeland under the cover of night.

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Gelmorra Ruins

Beneath this area once sat the capital of Gelmorra, whence tunnels stretched out far and wide. Now, little more than ruins of the great subterranean city remain.

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Eugenia's Spire

Following the other watchtowers, this spire takes its name from a hero of Gridania, and it is home to the White Rams. Located close to Ixali territory, the band of Quivermen stationed at this outpost enter the fray often and fiercely.