On the Counteroffensive

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On the Counteroffensive

Quest giver
Northern Thanalan (X:20.8, Y:22.1)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 758
Previous quest
Aether on Demand
Next quest
An Uninvited Ascian

Lieutenant Edelstein wishes to share a report with you concerning the Garleans' movements.

— In-game description





  • Lieutenant Edelstein wishes to share a report with you concerning the Garleans' movements.
  • Lieutenant Edelstein informs you that imperial soldiers have been seen marching from Castrum Meridianum. The garrison leader would have you join the Crystal Braves in their efforts to repel the advancing Garleans. Speak with Lieutenant Alianne of the 4th Unit Braves, and lend your strength to her planned counteroffensive.
  • Upon speaking with Alianne, you learn that another force of imperial soldiers has been spotted attempting to conceal themselves along the west approach to the processing plant. Before the lieutenant can outline her strategy, however, Captain Ilberd arrives, and drafts you into assisting the 3rd Unit Braves as they set out to engage this second threat. Speak with Yuyuhase at Raubahn's Push for further instructions.
  • Yuyuhase welcomes your arrival, and explains his plan to uproot the Garlean raiders from their places of concealment. Search your assigned areas, and eliminate any imperial soldiers you encounter.
  • You have discovered and defeated an imperial squad. Move on to the next location, and engage any remaining Garlean soldiers.
  • You have defeated the remaining imperial troops. Return to Yuyuhase at Raubahn's Push and report your success.
  • You make your report to a relieved Lieutenant Edelstein, who once more thanks you for your deeds. With the Garlean threat neutralized, it would appear the processing plant has been delivered from potential disaster.


Edelstein: We've been keeping a close eye on that Garlean garrison, and 'twould seem the imperials have finally begun to mobilize.
Edelstein: According to the reconnaissance report that just came in, the squads seen leaving the castrum are too few in number to effectively take and hold our position. They will likely mount a swift assault, and focus on the acquisition of resources.
Edelstein: I have, of course, also shared this report with the Crystal Braves─they've decided to take to the field to meet this assault head-on. I have apprised your fellow Scions of the situation, and am heartened to know that they will be joining the effort.
Edelstein: Pray report to Lieutenant Alianne, and lend your much-welcome strength to the counteroffensive.
Edelstein: The Crystal Braves are preparing to meet the Garleans in the field. Speak with Lieutenant Alianne, and she will apprise you of your role in the coming battle.
Wilred: R-Right, then. Time to see if all this training has paid off! Rhalgr, guide my blade...
Papalymo: Considering the weapon she wields, I don't believe the lady is in need of additional protection...
Thancred: Be it a squad of soldiers or some magitek monstrosity, I shall allow no foe to harm the lovely Moenbryda.
Yda: Have you ever seen Moen swing her axe? Swipe! Slice! Cleave! There's really no stopping her!
Y'shtola: Now that is an impressive piece of steel.
Moenbryda: Isn't it a beauty? A lady merchant in Revenant's Toll simply gave it to me! Said she was “investing in the future,” or some such.
Alianne: I've been waiting for the chance to even the score with these imperial invaders...
Alianne: Glad to have you with us, [Forename]. As I'm sure Lieutenant Edelstein has explained, the Garleans have deployed a small force from Castrum Meridianum.
Wilred: Their main column assembles to the north near Dalamud's Talons, but we've also spied several squads attempting to conceal themselves on the approach to the west.
Ilberd: They wish you to rush forth and commit to battle with the main column, leaving the detached force free to raid the plant and pillage supplies. Not much of a strategy, but these are desperate men.
Alianne: Captain Ilberd!
Ilberd: Greetings, Scion. I understand the commander bid you and your fellows come lend a hand to the Braves. With such mighty heroes at its disposal, the 4th should have little trouble contending with aught the Garleans might throw at them.
Ilberd: But even you cannot be everywhere at once. The 3rd was getting restless holed up in Ul'dah, so I marched them out here to fill any holes in the plant's defenses and add their numbers to your counterattack.
Alianne: The reinforcements are welcome. We've enough soldiers now to divide our own forces and safely engage the enemy far beyond the walls.
Ilberd: Aye, 'twould be best to avoid staging a battle anywhere near this much ceruleum. Let's take this fight to the Garleans.
Papalymo: A wise course, indeed. I shudder to think of the consequences should any of these storage tanks be exposed to fire...
Papalymo: If there are no objections, the Scions shall join the 4th and give battle to this main column.
Ilberd: You're with the 3rd, then, Warrior of Light. Your job will be to intercept these squads hiding out in the west and prevent them from reaching the processing plant.
Ilberd: When you're ready to proceed, report to Lieutenant Yuyuhase─his scouts should have a rough idea of where the imperials have concealed themselves by now.
Edelstein: The 3rd have been given the task of hunting down the enemy squads lurking to the west. Pray hurry to their staging point if you mean to join them.
Yuyuhase: A pleasure to be fighting at your side once more, Scion. Our operations invariably succeed when you're around, and victories are wont to pave the road to greater coin.
Yuyuhase: Now, this detached force we've been sent to eliminate has split into smaller squads─the better to conceal themselves within the terrain hereabouts, I imagine. We'll need to split ourselves up as well to cover more ground, and make sure we root out all these would-be raiders.
Yuyuhase: And seeing as you're an army unto yourself, I've assigned you your own areas to scour clean of enemy soldiers. Aye, this will be a simple search and destroy.
Yuyuhase: We'll rendezvous back here when the task is done. Happy hunting, Scion.
Bah! We've been spotted!
Our position is compromised!
To arms!
Yuyuhase: You seem grim, Scion. I'll take that to mean that, between us, more than a few Garleans won't be making it back to the castrum.
Yuyuhase: These imperials, though, they certainly made us earn our pay. I would be a happy man if I never had to tussle with another of those magitek horrors...
Yuyuhase: It is time we bid this war-torn land farewell. I will contact the 4th, and let Lieutenant Alianne know the west is now clear.
Yuyuhase: I would appreciate it if you would do the same when you report to Lieutenant Edelstein.
Edelstein: [GC Rank] [Surname]! What news of the Garleans?
Edelstein: Their raiding parties are no more, then? Excellent.
Edelstein: The Amajina engineers will be most relieved to hear that the plant is no longer in any immediate danger. Thank you again for your assistance.