In Flagrante Delicto

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In Flagrante Delicto

In Flagrante Delicto Image.png
Quest giver
New Gridania (X:12.2, Y:13.2)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era Main Scenario Quests
Experience 2,340
Gil 1,025
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestChasing Ivy
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestA Simple Plan

Main Scenario Progress: 211 / 853 (24.7%)


A Realm Reborn Progress: 211 / 241 (87.6%)


Ilberd is eager to resume the pursuit of Eline Roaille.

— In-game description



  • With the Domans' aid, you have apprehended Eline Roaille in the act of meeting her imperial contact. Her guilt is now surely beyond dispute. Speak with Yugiri to hear her thoughts on the mission.
  • Minfilia is shocked to learn of Eline Roaille's arrest and the accusations that have been brought against her. Setting aside her dismay, she informs you that the Scions have made progress in their quest to gain entry into Iceheart's sanctum.


Accepting the Quest

Ilberd: Our hunt leads us to the East Shroud, Scion. I suggest we follow Roaille's example and take the ferry from Westshore Pier.
Ilberd: You'll doubtless wish to make certain preparations. See to them while I go on ahead. I shall wait for you at Sweetbloom Pier.

Speaking with Ilberd at Sweetbloom Pier (Cutscene)

Yugiri: This way, my friends.
Yugiri: Your quarry makes for the Hawthorne Hut.
Yugiri: If Roaille is truly the one we seek, we can expect that she means to make contact with her Garlean masters there.
Ilberd: An explanation is in order. You are no doubt aware that the Garleans have their own method of communicating over great distances.
Ilberd: Well, our ingenious friends at Garlond Ironworks have provided us with devices which disrupt these communications, and we have installed them around the city–states. In so doing, we have made it difficult for imperial agents to correspond with their masters.
Ilberd: Roaille would thus have no choice but to rendezvous with her imperial contact directly. Yet, as a well-known face in the Immortal Flames, she cannot move about Thanalan without being recognized. It would only be a matter of time before someone saw through her disguise.

If the player is Elezen

Ilberd: 'Tis for this reason, I believe, that she has chosen the Black Shroud for her clandestine meeting. This place is home to many of your kind, and the arrival of one more Elezen is not like to turn any heads.


Ilberd: 'Tis for this reason, I believe, that she has chosen the Black Shroud for her clandestine meeting. The Elezen are a common sight here, and her comings and goings are not like to turn any heads.


Yugiri: As my scouts tell it, the Garleans have sent agents with a mind to destroy the devices and render such direct contact unnecessary. Fortunately, our shinobi have thus far been successful in rebuffing their efforts.
Ilberd: ...This is it. We need only make for Hawthorne's Hut and catch Roaille in the act.


Ilberd: If Roaille was here, she is no more. We have no choice but to continue the pursuit.

Speaking with Yugiri near the Hawthorne Hut

Yugiri: My people report that our quarry has departed for the Bramble Patch.
Ilberd: The Ivy returns to the gnarls whence she came... But perhaps it is all for the better.
Ilberd: To convict someone of her standing, we will require damning evidence against her. What could be better than to catch her in the act when she meets with her Garlean masters?
Yugiri: My countrymen and I shall lie in wait in the shadows. Tread warily, my friends.

Speaking with Yugiri at the Bramble Patch (Cutscene)

Yugiri: Just beyond, Roaille is in conversation with an individual clad in the manner of an adventurer. An imperial intermediary, no doubt. 
Ilberd: This is it! With me! 
Ilberd: Flame Marshal Eline Roaille! You are under arrest for treason and espionage! 
Dubious Adventurer: You were followed, you bloody fool! 
Dubious Adventurer: Damnation! 
Eline Roaille: Hmph... 
Ilberd: You are unarmed, my lady...and scarcely garbed for battle. But if you wish to are welcome to try. 
Eline Roaille: What is the meaning of this, Captain? Would you arrest me for strolling in the Twelveswood? When last I looked, that was no crime─and neither was conversing with passing strangers. 
Ilberd: You would feign ignorance, then? Very well. 
Ilberd: If you do think of something to say, there will be plenty of time to say it later. Now, come quietly, or I shall make you wish you had. 
Eline Roaille: I will offer you no struggle. After all, I have naught to hide. 

Speaking with Yugiri

Yugiri: Even a warrior of Roaille's renown could not have hoped to escape by force. Despite her claims, her surrender does not bespeak innocence, but an awareness that her position is untenable.
Yugiri: With the Ivy thus uprooted, it is to be hoped that the tendrils she entwined around the Immortal Flames will gradually wither and die.
Yugiri: Mayhap then the people of Ul'dah will have the Grand Company they deserve. But let us speak of the present. If I may ask, what will you do now, [Forename]?
Yugiri: ...So the Scions seek a way into Iceheart's sanctum.
Yugiri: Then I daresay you are eager to return to the Rising Stones. Pray do not let me keep you.
Yugiri: Fear not─my countrymen and I shall tend to the aftermath. You need not waste your talents here.

If the player has unlocked Rogue frame icon.png Rogue

Yugiri: And speaking of talents, you have been training in the art of the shinobi, have you not? The change in your bearing is quite evident─to me, at least. I look forward to seeing you in action. Till next time, my friend.


Yugiri: And speaking of talents, have you considered training in the art of the shinobi? You have the aptitude for it, I believe, so please give it some thought. Till next time, my friend.

Optional Dialogue in the Rising Stones

Tataru: Steady... Steady...!
Not bad, eh? With a little more practice, I could earn a fortune at the Ruby Road Exchange!
Y'shtola: Tatary has grown beyond childish fantasies of becoming a songstress. Now she aspires to be a legendary street performer.
Papalymo: (She...she cannot seriously be considering it? Life as a street performer should be one's last resort, not their first!)
Higiri: Thancred's tales of Lady Yugiri almost beggar belief! MY heart is fair fit to burst from admiration!
F'lhaminn: Hah hah hah! A rousing tale of a comrade's valor! Truly, we are fortunate to count Lady Yugiri a friend.
Thancred: Yes, but— Higiri you're not—you're missing the point! The individual doesn't matter. It was a team effort, and I was the one who...who...
Yda: Mwahahaha! I could do this all day! A-L-L D-A-Y!
Hoary Boulder: Hoo! Hah! Uaaargh! I cannot...go on...much longer...!
Coultenet: Strength, Hoary! On your honor as a Scion, I forbid you to surrender!
Hozan: I must admit, this exercise of yours never fails to amuse me. While its movements appear comical, it does seem to be having the desired effect.
Doware: It's a battle of wills! A struggle for supremacy! Our fighting styles may differ, but this unyielding spirit is the same in warriors the world over!

Speaking with Minfilia

Minfilia: Welcome back, [Forename]. I understand that Alphinaud had a task for you. May I ask what it was?
Minfilia: Charges of treason and espionage against Eline Roaille? I can scarce believe it...
Minfilia: Could there not have been some manner of misunderstanding...?
Minfilia: No, it avails us naught to dwell on it. Whatever the truth may be, we must trust to the authorities to uncover it.
Minfilia: Let us speak of another matter. I am pleased to report that we have made progress in our efforts to find a way into Iceheart's sanctum...