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Helions are so named for the way their lives all but revolved around their queen's needs, much as lesser stars might circle their sun. These loyal subjects settle in the lands where their monarch resides and form a community of like-minded kin. Though this social structure is often described solely in terms of a queen and her male subjects, young women not yet old enough to be queens in their own right, as well as women who choose to remain pat of another queen's community, are also considered Helions within Hrothgar society.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 67

The Helion Clan (ヘリオン氏族, Herion Shizoku, Herion group), are native to Bozja in southern Ilsabard. Unlike their brothers, The Lost, the Helion clans worship and base their society around their queen.[1]


Hailing from Southern Ilsabard, the Helion clan once lived and served under a single ruler and made their home in Bozja. The Helion clan centered their society and daily lives around their queen, who was chosen by favor of the gods.[2] The Hrothgar stuggled against the Allagan Empire in a futile war until the land was brought together under a single queen, who put an end to the war. This first queen was named Gunnhildr.

Despite the city of Bozja being reborn, it still suffered from extreme poverty, allowing the Garlean Empire to invade and take control, causing many Hrothgar to flee to the distant shores of Eorzea.[2] After the Bojza Incident, and after many Hrothgar Helions had fled the country, Bajsaljen Ulgasch heard of the liberation efforts in Doma and Ala Mhigo and formed the Bozjan Resistance, uniting the Hrothgar and other races that once called Bozja home to take back their homeland.[2]

Physical Attributes

The Helion are extremely large muscular Leonine humanoids with massive fangs, claws and a bestial form and stance that caused panic when they first arrived in Eorzea. Their skin color is generally warmer, earthier tones, representing "how close they are to the warmth of their ruler". Their fur and its patterning are also warmer tones made up of reds, yellows and blacks. Fur color is not a defining trait of Helions, which is a social status. The largest Helion get up to 84 inches tall.[3]


Order is the guiding principle of Helion culture. With a queen at its center, the community obeys a strict code of conduct, with each member carrying out their assigned roles. A female child is instructed in her duties from birth and, one she comes of age, a segment of the population will break away to form a new community under this new queen. Under certain circumstances, the queen may welcome others from outsider her home clan, including the Lost.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 67

The Helion base their entire culture and society around their queen and their service to her. Each clan has their own queen, who would be selected not based on royal lineage, but by favor of the gods. Those most favored by the gods are made apparent by being blessed with the ability to read the stars.[2]


Hrothgar names are based around Slavic naming conventions, with the word "Thgar" meaning glory.[2]

The Hrothgar base their names on complex clan conventions, with scholars categorizing their names based on their social standing. One naming convention, like other aspects of their society, is based around their queen. When a queen is selected, she is given the prefix "A" to her first name, meaning "In service of" referring to the queen being in service to her people. When a Hrothgar is born and a queen is still reigning, they are also given a prefix "A" to their names, denoting them being in service to their queen.[2]

Notable Helions

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite female Hrothgar being visibly scarce today, Helion clans and their shamanistic religion are still built entirely around female clan members. That, and with many Helions having an "A" prefix implies that female Hrothgar may not be as scarce as previously believed.
  • While a majority of the Hrothgar on The Source are made up of members of The Lost clan due to the monarchy and most of the Helion who made the Citadel Bozja their home dying in the Bozja Incident, a majority of the Hrothgar (or Ronso, as they are known on The First) of Norvrandt share their physical traits with the Helion clan.