Harder than Rock

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Harder than Rock

Pugilist quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.7, Y:10.3)
Experience 1,400
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestWay of the Pugilist
Feature QuestMy First Hora
Next quest
Feature QuestBurning Up the Quarter Malm

Guildmaster Hamon wishes you to learn the basics of combinations.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


  • Pick up scattered gil. 0/5
  • Deliver the gil to Hamon.
  • Use Bootshine on the trial stones, and defeat the earth sprites. 0/4
  • Report to Hamon at the Pugilists' Guild.


  • Guildmaster Harmon wishes you to learn the basics of combinations.
  • To get you warmed up for the lesson, Hamon bids you run and pick up the gil that he has scattered across the city. By sprinting as often as possible, you will be able complete the task more swiftly.
  • You have gathered all the gil. Report back to Hamon at the Pugilists' Guild.
  • Hamon is excessively pleased for someone who is getting his own money back. Satisfied that you are warmed up, he next bids you make your way to Scorpion Crossing in western Thanalan. Once there, seek out the four trial stones situated nearby, and deal each of them a Bootshine combo. The impact will draw out earth sprites, which you are required to defeat.
  • You have succeeded in slaying all the earth sprites. Report your success to Hamon at the Pugilists' Guild.
  • Having praised your performance in the trial, Hamon introduces you to Chuchuto, his assistant and first student. The two of them believe that you have great promise. Train hard, that you might live up to their expectations.
    • ※The next pugilist quest will be available from Hamon upon reaching level 10.


Accepting the quest

Hamon: You've been training hard, [Player]. Aye, I can tell by the lightness of your steps and the strength in your fists. I reckon you're ready for your next lesson.
Hamon: But before we begin, some warming up's in order. For this, I've scattered some gil across Ul'dah. I want you to run around the city and pick it all up.
Hamon: Now, that's my money lying out there, so I want you to go about it like there's an Amalj'aa war band on your heels. In other words, I want you to sprint.
Hamon: Of course, you can't go on sprinting indefinitely——your body needs to rest awhile after each burst of speed. This may sound elementary, but I'm telling you this to demonstrate a point.
Hamon: As a pugilist, it's essential that you learn to pace yourself in a fight, else you're liable to get worn out. And when that happens, the fight's as good as over, and you'd be sorry if you had bet on yourself.

Delivering items to Hamon

Hamon: That's my money lying out there, son/[?]. I'd thank you to hurry and pick it all up before some vulture swoops on it.
Hamon: ...Five hundred gil!? Crikey, this is good for a week's worth of——
Hamon: ...Ahem. I mean, well done, [Player]. Now that you're all warmed up, we can see to your lesson——a trial, to be precise.
Hamon: Take yourself to Scorpion Crossing in western Thanalan. There you'll find four large stones——the "trial stones," they're called. I want you to deal each of these stones a solid Bootshine combo.
Hamon: The impact will arouse the earth sprites that sleep within, which you must then defeat. If you find yourself hard-pressed, there's no shame in running away. You're still learning the ropes, after all.
Hamon: Once you've gotten your wind back, you can hurl yourself into the fray again. And remember this: strikes bring down opponents, but it's your footwork that keeps you standing. Now, off you go, [Player], and good luck!

Reporting back to Hamon - cutscene

Hamon: So you've given the earth sprites what for? Well done, [Player]! By smiting stone and earth, you've forged unyielding weapons of your fists!
Hamon: You're a nigh-endless fount of vigor, [Player]. Aye, just like myself in my younger days.
Chuchuto: This must be the promising recruit you've been telling me about!
Hamon: Well, of course he's promising——he's training under Hamooon HOLYFIIIST!
Chuchuto: Hehe, that's our Master Hamon!
Hamon: [Player], I don't believe I've introduced my assistant yet. This is Chuchuto.
Chuchuto: A pleasure to make your acquaintance! As introduced, I serve as Master Hamon's right hand, though there's still much and more I have yet to learn. Together, let us strive for mastery of our art!
Hamon: Chuchuto joined the guild soon after I was made its master. She's my very first student, as a matter of fact. Well, there was one other, to be sure, but...
Chuchuto: Let's not dwell on the past, Master. It was [Player]'s bright future we were discussing.
Chuchuto: Which reminds me, did you collect my gil from him/her? My gear is rather worn down, and I do need the money for repairs...
Hamon: <sputter> A-Ahem! Yes, [Player]'s future with us is bright indeed!
Hamon: If he/she keeps up his/her efforts, he/she may well become the next Holyfist!
Hamon: Train hard, young one, and grow strong. When the time's ripe, I'll have another little lesson for you. Hah hah hah!