Duel Personalities

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Duel Personalities

Duel Personalities.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle Quests
Experience 0
Gil 602
Previous quest
Death of a Mailman
Next quest
Lone Survivor

The Deputy Postmoogle has a demanding yet satisfying assignment for you.

— In-game description




  • The deputy postmoogle has a demanding yet satisfying assignment for you.
  • The deputy postmoogle would have you deliver a demand for satisfaction to a drunken, fractious pirate. What could possibly go wrong? Anselm, the cutthroat in question, has been seen loitering around Limsa Lominsa's lower decks.
  • Anselm's long-simmering feud with Fiebras has come to a head, and you have been appointed arbiter of their final showdown. Heflies to the Drowning Wench to confront Fiebras, and bids you follow him forthwith, lest he should be forced to settle the squabble with steel.
  • The cantankerous couple would have you be the arbiter not of a duel, but a dispute. Both claim to have discovered a lady whose charms eclipse their former tavern wench of choice, but whose is better? There's only one way to find out: follow Fiebras to Bulwark Hall to evaluate his claim.
  • Fiebras nominates the tourist information twins of Bulwark Hall as his exemplars of feminine grace. Have a heart-to-heart with N'delika to see what all the fuss is about.
  • It seems the winsome sisters are more than they let on. As undercover Yellowjackets, they defend the realm from undesirable elements-- one Fiebras the Dull included. Return to Fiebras to relate the happy news.
  • Being the victim of a covert espionage operation was not enough to sway Fiebras's convictions, but Anselm is further emboldened. He bids you accompany him to Fisherman's Bottom to survey the object of his infatuation.
  • Anselm wishes to draw your attention to stately Sisipu, jewel of the Lalafells. He urges you to speak with her, and bask in her glory.
  • Sisipu, materfamilias of Fisherman's Bottom, gives you some sage advice to curb Anselm's competitive streak. Will these wise words be enough to put an end to all this silly bother?
  • Anselm, the eternal agonist, is not so easily dissuaded by Sisipu's attempted appeasement. In fact, it seems to have only strengthened his resolve. The disputatious duo head to the docks to await your final judgement.
  • Just as you are about to deliver your verdict, the flighty pirates' affections are captivated by the brusque charms of Captain Rhoswen, leader of the Sanguine Sirens. And though their budding hopes are swiftly crushed, the heartbroken heroes pledge to follow Rhoswen down the pirate path. Henceforth, they will settle their feuds not with rational argument, but with a few swift knocks in the kisser. If you are ever of a mind to witness "pirate justice" firsthand, you have an open invitation to Candlekeep Quay, where the truculent twosome will be drinking, wenching, and settling scores until somebody loses an eye.