Double Dealing

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Double Dealing

Quest giver
Middle La Noscea (X:25.6, Y:17.0)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Sack of Oranges Icon.png  Sack of Oranges
1 Sack of Gil (Double Dealing) Icon.png  Sack of Gil
Experience 2,720
Gil 179
Previous quest
Washed Up
Next quest
Loam Maintenance
A Pound of Cure

Staelwyrn worries his sack of oranges will not reach the La Thagran Checkpoint as planned.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Sevrin openly admits to have taken the oranges for his own purposes, but he is not concerned with being found out at the moment. His deal with the goblins has gone awry, and his partners in crime are in trouble. He asks that you help them out of their jam.
  • You have saved Sevrin's mates from an unfortunate fate at the hands of the goblin muggers. Inform Sevrin about their well-being, and remind him about the sack of oranges he appropriated.
  • Sevrin is grateful to you for saving his henchmen, but is not apologetic for the attempted theft or his cowardice. Not wishing to start another fight, however, he grants you leave to take what you came for. Retrieve the sack of oranges.
  • Once again, Staelwyrn is appreciative of your honest efforts. He also bemoans the fact that Sevrin's disloyalty may be beyond repairing. You are duly warned to keep an eye on the delinquent whenever he is around.


Staelwyrn: Pains me to say, but all the gil in the world can't buy loyalty. There are some, like you, who can be trusted. But then there are others...

Staelwyrn: Until now, I've had no choice but to rely on that charlatan Sevrin, even though I am full aware he's been doin' shady deals behind my back. More than once I've heard tell of improper tradin' with goblins.

Staelwyrn: I wouldn't be the least surprised if that were happenin' right now. Not a bell ago, a sack of oranges vanished, as did Sevrin. I want you to find and confront the bastard for me, [Surname]. I'm sure there's wrongdoin' afoot, so be sure to doubt anythin' that comes out of his mouth.

If you talk to Sevrin without using /doubt:

Sevrin: Bloody hells! I'm up the strait without a paddle!

You /doubt Sevrin.

Sevrin: What's this now? Staelwyrn sent you for the oranges? Huh... So the old bugger had known all this time... Argh, what does it matter anyway?

Sevrin: Listen, you're one o' those goody-goody adventurer types, right? Go rescue me mates from those double-dealin' goblins! They're just over yonder by the bonfire.

After you render aid to Sevrin's henchmen:

Eyrimhus: Sevrin sent you? Hah! The way he flew out of here, I was sure he'd sold us down the river!

Sozai Rarzai: If you hadn't come, my dodo would've been cooked! Mmm...cooked dodo.

Aylmer: I owe you one. Would've gotten away meself if not fer Sevrin shovin' me aside.

Sevrin: You saved me mates, and for that, I owe you.

Sevrin: S'pose I should be ashamed I couldn't clean up my own mess...

Sevrin: ...But a pirate knows no shame! I've no qualms about goin' back on my word! I'm only givin' you this sack 'cause I like the cut of your jib. Take it to Ossine, an' send him my regards.

Ossine: What have we here? A delivery from Summerford Farms, and as scheduled? Hah! There's a first time for everything!

[You hand over the sack of oranges.]

Ossine: Well, look at that... Not a single one missing, either! About the only things not here are those bagmen, and I don't miss them one bit.

Ossine: Here's Staelwyrn's payment in full. With you, I can trust it'll reach him!

Staelwyrn: Back in one piece! That's a relief. How did you fare, Azim?

[You hand over the sack of gil.]

Staelwyrn: Ah, this is what I was aimin' for! Looks to be all I was owed, all right. Though, I'd be tellin' you false if I claimed I had not held out more hope for Sevrin.

Staelwyrn: I was even willin' to overlook the skimmin' off the top, but to sell us all short in favor of those godsforsaken goblins... <sigh>

Staelwyrn: You'd do well to mind yourself around that two-gil cheat. If he'd leave his own mates for dead, there's no tellin' what he'd do to you.