DPS Training - Exercise 3: Defeat an Occupied Target

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Hall of the Novice.png"Hall of the Novice" is not in the list (Duty, Dungeon, Raid, Trial, BSF, PvP, Variant Dungeon, Criterion Dungeon, Guildhest, Ultimate Raid, ...) of allowed values for the "Has duty type" property.

DPS Training - Exercise 3: Defeat an Occupied Target

Hall of the Novice Duty.png
15 (Sync: 15)
Party size
1man 1 Any class frame icon.png
Time limit
30 minutes
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest It's Probably Pirates
Western La Noscea (X:28, Y:24)

For this exercise, you will be fighting multiple opponents! The key to victory is coordination with your comrades- each foe will fall all the swifter under a focused assault! Work with your allies to defeat the enemy, and we can move on to the next training exercise.

— In-game description

DPS Training - Exercise 3: Defeat an Occupied Target is a level 15 Hall of the Novice exercise introduced in patch 3.2.

General Information

  • This training exercise is the third in a series of seven for the DPS role in Hall of the Novice, which becomes available when you unlock duty finder.
  • Defeat an Occupied Target is exclusive to the DPS role, unlike the first and final exercises of Hall of the Novice. This means it will not show up in either healer or tank role exercises.
  • Success in this training exercise is based on whether you strike the same enemy as your ally. The exercise will begin with three targets, of which the Master of Arms gives direction on which to attack when. The general concept is to start from the weaker opponents and work up to the strongest. Once all of the opponents have been defeated, you have finished.
  • You fail this exercise when you strike the wrong enemy five times, and the duty returns you to the beginning to retry the exercise.


  • Gil 20 Experience 3,360