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DPS Training - Exercise 2: Assist Allies in Defeating a Target

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Hall of the Novice.png

DPS Training - Exercise 2: Assist Allies in Defeating a Target

Hall of the Novice Duty.png
15 (Sync: 15)
Party size
1man 1 Any class frame icon.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
30 minutes
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest It's Probably Pirates
Western La Noscea (X:28, Y:24)

When it comes to your place in a party you are the sharp end of the spear. Simply put, your role is to inflict as much damage as possible, while keeping your own skin intact. As such, you cannot just attack whichever enemy you please! If you strike a foe other than one controlled by your ally, then you risk becoming the target of deadly aggression. As you might have guessed, the purpose of this exercise is to teach cooperation. Your ally will hold the nemy’s attention-- it is your job to take the foe down! Work with your allies to defeat the enemy, and we can move on to the next training exercise. Attack the same foe as your ally to win the battle!

— In-game description

DPS Training - Exercise 2: Assist Allies in Defeating a Target is a level 15 Hall of the Novice exercise introduced in patch 3.2 with Heavensward.

General Information

  • This training exercise is the second in a series of seven for the DPS role in Hall of the Novice, which becomes available when you unlock duty finder.
  • Assist Allies in Defeating a Target is exclusive to the DPS role, unlike the first and final exercises of Hall of the Novice. This means it will not show up in either healer or tank role exercises.
  • Success in this training exercise is based on attacking the target. The exercise will begin with a single target, focused on the tank ally.
  • This is also when positionals are introduced. During the exercise, the Master of Arms details that a positional is an attack that, done from a specific side of an enemy, can be avoided much less and typically results in higher damage.
  • Once the target has been defeated, the exercise will be complete.
  • The only way to fail this exercise is through inactivity. Once the time runs out, you will be returned to the beginning of the duty to try again.