Crystarium Glamour Set

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the level 1 glamour set. For the level 80 armor set, see Crystarium Armor.

From level 72 MSQ Main Scenario QuestThe Oracle of Light.

Set Includes:

Item Icon Level Item Level Requirement Slot Defense Magic Defense Materia Slots Stats and Attributes
Crystarium Helm Crystarium helm icon1.png 1 1 Any class Head 8 14 0
Crystarium Tabard Crystarium tabard icon1.png 1 1 Any class Body 10 18 0
Crystarium Gauntlets Crystarium gauntlets icon1.png 1 1 Any class Hands 8 14 0
Crystarium Greaves Crystarium greaves icon1.png 1 1 Any class Feet 8 14 0

* While not part of the set, Lyna wears Ladys knickers (black) icon1.png  Lady's Knickers (Black) in the Legs slot. Those are currently only available on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.


Crystarium attire.png