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The harsh environment of Gyr Abania's wind-blasted wastes has seen only the deadliest of creatures thrive. Where in other regions of Eorzea, simply the size of a gigantoad is sufficient to deter predators, amongst the jagged peaks of Abalathia's Spine the wavekin must rely on more. After centuries of natural selection, now only the abaddons remain—toads so swollen with toxins, it has turned their very skin the color of death. Long have the Ala Mhigans made use of this trait, extracting the poison for use of their arrows and daggers.

— In-game description

Abaddon is a Wavekin found in The Lochs.


Name Type Rarity Quantity


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Lochs (X:23, Y:32) 69


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Necessities of War Sidequest 69 Pamisolaux


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