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A Requiem for Heroes

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the name of the major patch, see patch 4.5.
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A Requiem for Heroes

A Requiem for Heroes Image.png
Quest giver
Resistance Fighter
The Lochs (X:10.9, Y:21.1)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 0
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestA Brief Reprieve
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Syrcus Trench

Despite the apparent urgency of Raubahn's summons, the Resistance fighter seems content to wait for your signal to proceed.

— In-game description




Note: Multiple cutscenes and a solo duty will commence in succession upon proceeding.

Solo Duty

Upon speaking with Raubahn, you will enter a two part solo duty.

  • Initially, you start the fight as Hien and all you will have is four skills on the pet bar. Lyse and Yugiri will fight alongside you. Follow standard mechanics for this part of the duty and can be cleared with ease.
  • In the 2nd part of the fight, you will have all spells/skills avalible again. When Zenos becomes untargetable players must instead take down his swords as in Ala Mhigo. Jobs that rely on DoT should DoT multiple swords while avoiding aoe and DPSing each in turn, order does not matter as all must be taken down to prevent 999,999 damage. Following this DPS check Zenos will use multiple previously seen attacks in quick succession before returning to normal rotation.
  • Should you fail to complete the solo duty both parts must be replayed.

Note: Multiple cutscenes including game credits will play upon entering the Rising Stones.



  • Despite the apparent urgency of Raubahn's summons, the Resistance fighter seems content to wait for your signal to proceed.
  • The Resistance fighter informs you that Raubahn is prepared to discuss strategy. You offer a curt nod and he proceeds to escort you to Alliance Headquarters.
  • As Raubahn tells it, the Alliance and imperials are at a stalemate, neither side willing to concede defeat. The reason for this deadlock is unclear until a scout interrupts your meeting with grave news─imperial soldiers have broken through the Alliance's defenses, being led by a man who appears to be Lord Zenos. You prepare to set out for battle when you are suddenly racked with pain as an otherworldly voice reaches out to you, but the agony of this aetherial calling does little to weaken your resolve. Raubahn can but wish you luck as you set out to do what you must.
You arrive on the battlefield to find Lyse and Yugiri motionless on the ground, Lord Hien struggling and failing to get on his feet. Towering over them is Lord Zenos, or the Ascian who wears his face. Battle quickly ensues, but try as you might, the Ascian refuses to fall. With ill-fated timing, the pain of the voice brings you to your knees. Your foe standing over you, the world goes dark as his blade comes crashing down on you.
When next you open your eyes, you find yourself in a strange, aetherial plane. Behind you stands a robed figure. He offers no explanations of what is happening, only a message: return to the Crystal Tower where a beacon has been placed for you.
  • You awake in a soft, warm bed, a young Elezen girl dashing out of the room. Was the hooded figure a dream? The thought is pushed aside as Aymeric enters, relief plain on his face. He explains that, just as the Ascian was about to strike, Estinien intervened and whisked you away to safety. He goes on to say the man posing as Lord Zenos retreated shortly after, prompting the remaining imperial forces to follow suit. Before taking his leave, Aymeric relays a message to you, that when you are well and rested, you are to return home where friends are waiting for you.
  • A hush falls over the Rising Stones as you enter, which is soon broken by an overjoyed Tataru. You recount to her all that took place, from your battle at Ala Mhigo, to the mysterious robed figure and his cryptic message. After giving it careful thought, she suspects this person, whomever they may be, is possibly the key to rescuing the others. With renewed resolve, she assures you the Scions who yet remain at the Rising Stones will find the beacon waiting for you at the Crystal Tower.
  • Tataru never lost hope that you would return. In fact, she fashioned you a new set of garments to celebrate your return. Though it is unclear what you will find at the Crystal Tower, perhaps this garb will be of use on the road ahead.
    • ※The next main scenario quest will be available from Tataru once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ You must have registered a product key for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “A Requiem for Heroes.”