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A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience

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Feature Quest icon.png

A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:28.9, Y:15.9)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestIn Soroban We Trust
Experience 25,250
Gil 490
Previous quest
Feature QuestWay of the Fisher

Your body odor has caught Sumitsubo's attention.

— In-game description




Kindly Kojin is just outside of Tamamizu at The Ruby Sea (X:27.3, Y:13.2).

Disambig icon.png This article is about the mechanics after the overhaul in patch 6.0 with the launch of Endwalker. For the previous version of spearfishing, see Spearfishing/Old.

Spearfishing involves a mini-game wherein players strike fish as they swim across the screen.

Spearfishing overhaul1.png

Spearfishing Basics

  1. With your Spearfishing gig icon1.png  Spearfishing Gig equipped, use the Fathom.png  Fathom and Shark Eye.png  Shark Eye actions to locate teeming waters.

Spearfishing overhaul2.png

  1. As fish swim across your field of vision, strike them using the Gig.png  Gig action.

Spearfishing overhaul3.png

New Spearfishing Features

Weak Spots

Fish are caught by striking their weak spot as they swim through the teeming waters.

Spearfishing overhaul4.png

Certain fish will have a distinctive appearance, indicating they are guaranteed to be large-sized when caught.

Spearfishing overhaul5.png


Nearby fish will take notice of your actions in the teeming waters, their wariness represented by a gauge at the top of the spearfishing interface. Wariness increases slowly over time, as well as with each strike of your spear. When the gauge is full, the fish will disperse, ending your spearfishing attempt.

Spearfishing overhaul6.png

Catch Counter

Successfully catching fish in quick succession will increase your catch counter (up to a maximum of ten), which slows the rate at which wariness increases. Be mindful, however, that the counter may reset should you go too long without catching any fish.

Spearfishing overhaul7.png

  • To abandon a spearfishing attempt, press the Escape key, or the Quit action.



  • Your body odor has caught Sumitsubo's attention.


Sumitsubo: Hmm...? <sniff> You smell of fish. Does this mean, then, that you're a fisher from above?
Sumitsubo: If you enjoy hunting fish up there, then I'm sure you would take pleasure in hunting them down here as well.
Sumitsubo: You cannot use rods and reels underwater, though. No, you will need a spear to strike your prey swiftly and silently like the Kojin. I suppose you would call it...spearfishing?
Sumitsubo: Would you like a lesson in spearfishing? If you should see any of my Blue brothers outside, I'm sure they would be glad to show you how it's done.
Sumitsubo: A hunter who smells of fish like you should take to spearfishing like Kojin to water. I'm certain my Blue brothers would be more than happy to show you how.
Kindly Kojin: You wish to hunt fish with a spear? Why, it's as easy as breathing underwater. And considering you're not blue in the face, I can tell you will master this skill in no time at all.
Kindly Kojin: First, you will need to search for where fish gather. When you've found a suitable school of fish, steady your spear and strike with a quick and fluid thrust.
Kindly Kojin: That, in a clamshell, is the art of spearfishing. Of course, these explanations mean nothing if you have no spear to practice. Here, take one of mine.
Kindly Kojin: If you look around, you're like to find promising prey close by. Farewell, friend, and happy hunting.
System: You are now able to obtain fish via spearfishing. In order to do so, you must first equip a spearfishing gig as your secondary tool.
System: By using the action Fathom, you will be able to locate teeming waters as you explore the ocean.
System: With your spearfishing gig in hand, you can interact with these teeming waters to catch fish.