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A Frosty Reception

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A Frosty Reception

A Frosty Reception.png
Quest giver
The Lochs (X:36.4, Y:32.1)
Quest line
Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Experience 462,000
Gil 2,698
Previous quest
Best of the Best
Next quest
Tracks in the Snow
Bear Baiting
Your Inventory Is Not Full
The Culture of Ceruleum

Tataru is desperately trying to retain her composure as she prepares to see you off on another perilous journey.

— In-game description




Upon speaking with the Ironworks Pilot, a solo duty will start. The duty (including cutscenes) is around 25-35 minutes long, so plan your time accordingly.

The solo duty consists of 3 phases as described below. The duty is also checkpointed, meaning that if you fail at any phase, you may restart from that phase (instead of having to restart from the beginning.) Note that this checkpoint is lost if you enter any other instanced duty.

  • Phase 1: You fight as Thancred and have to sneak through a camp and set explosives. You need to use sneak past the troops without them seeing you too often. Sneak up to guards and incapacitate them. With the dogs you have to use a bomb. Once explosives are set there is an exit right beside you.
  • Phase 2: Next you will play as yourself defending the carriages. You will progress forward three times to progress through this part of the battle.
  • Phase 3: Finally, you will help the rest. This phase takes place in a closed arena. The boss will do checked attacks. She then will do area AOE circles that spread out. At around 30% health she will retreat and call adds to attack the two khun chuluus; defend them until Sadu completes her Falling Dusk cast to complete the duty.



  • Tataru is desperately trying to retain her composure as she prepares to see you off on another perilous journey.
  • You stand on the cusp of another adventure into parts unknown, where Tataru's lovingly woven garments may be your only protection against the unforgiving climate of the frozen north. Thankfully, most of the journey will be made by airship, and your pilot stands at the ready.
  • Almost immediately after landing in Ilsabard, you are drawn into a confrontation with a sizable force of tempered imperials. Thancred's bravery and ingenuity are instrumental in tipping the scales in your favor, although Vergilia and her IIIrd Legion troops prove stiff opposition nonetheless. Having taken them into custody in order to cure them of their tempering, your contingent marches onward to Garlemald.
  • Your party decides to make use of an abandoned village to establish a temporary base of operations, which is granted the moniker of Camp Broken Glass for the constant sound of ice cracking underfoot.
    • ※You can now travel to Garlemald by speaking with the Ironworks pilot in the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
  • With the airships safely moored and the tempered imperials receiving treatment, Alphinaud informs you that Lucia wishes to decide on a course of action with the Scions. Before that, you must round up Y'shtola and G'raha Tia, who have been exploring the vicinity.
  • Y'shtola is particularly sensitive to disturbances in ambient aether, and since drawing close to the imperial capital, she has been beset by a strange malaise. She posits that it is likely caused by the monstrous tower looming on the horizon, where she senses vast amounts of aether gathering. Fortunately, she should still be well enough to participate in the meeting, and she agrees to join you soon.
  • G'raha Tia has busied himself investigating the nearby residences, and his findings strongly suggest that much, if not all of the local populace, has been tempered. Without any villagers present to verify this theory, however, the current evidence can only be considered circumstantial at best. Putting aside his work for the time being, he makes his way towards the meeting place.
  • Now that you have successfully infiltrated Garlemald, Lucia outlines the contingent's plans for scouting the vicinity. She assigns you, Alisaie, and Alphinaud the task of searching for survivors in the outskirts of the capital, which despite being within the city walls, are largely covered in vast swathes of ice and snow.
  • Alisaie, like many members of the contingent, has yet to acclimatize herself to the unrelenting cold of Ilsabard. As she points out, even the people of Garlemald would soon perish in such conditions if deprived of warmth. Though you know not what awaits in the frozen wastes, you grit your teeth and prepare to venture forth.