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A Flower upon Your Return

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Venat has Argos and his double at heel

— In-game description



  • Venat has Argos and his double at heel.
  • Having proven yourself to him, Argos is now willing to lend you his back. Venat suggests you move over to the edge to give your mounts a better launching point.
  • Argos delivers you and Venat to the isle, where at first you find nothing out of the ordinary. Venat suggests a glimpse into the past, which reveals to you a conversation wherein Meteion reports to Hermes on the progress of her star-fairing sisters. The child overseer's vow to accept their discoveries with an open mind gives you no impression that he might desire an apocalyptic end to the world - indeed, you return to the larger island intent on recruiting his help in solving the mystery of the Final Days.
  • Venat directs your search for Hermes to Ktisis Hyperboreia - the largest facility in Elpis. The path to the facility lies to the north of Poieten Oikos, where a teleporter will transport you to Ethoseletikos Boreas.
  • You have arrived in Ethoseletikos Boreas. Venat stands nearby with further instructions.
  • The former Azem gives you directions to Ktisis Hyperboreia, before setting off for the facility herself. It seems all you need do is follow the road to the crossroads, then turn left...
  • You meet with Venat at the door to the facility, but just as you make to venture inside, you come face-to-face with Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus. After hearing the results of their investigations, you realize that all have arrived at much the same conclusions with regards to the chief overseer and his research. It is then agreed that if the true nature of the Final Days is to be understood, you will need to enlist the aid of Hermes himself.