Whorl of a Time

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Whorl of a Time

The whorleater extreme banner1.png
Quest giver
The Waking Sands (X:6.0, Y:4.9)
Quest line
Primal Quests
Required quest
Through the Maelstrom
Experience 0
Gil 1,220

When Urianger appears pensive, you can be sure another primal problem looms on the horizon.

— In-game description




The North American and European datacenters primarily use Party Finder to challenge (Extreme) content. Using Duty Finder to match with random players is not recommended and will be more difficult than pre-forming a party. Completion of this extreme trial is not required to complete the quest. For an easy completion, it is recommended that players use Party Finder and form an Unrestricted Party (i.e., with level sync disabled). Players who wish to complete this duty with level sync enabled should also form a pre-made party, which also enables the use of Minimum Item Level and Silence Echo settings for an additional challenge.



  • When Urianger appears pensive, you can be sure another primal problem looms on the horizon.
  • According to the request for aid Urianger received from Maelstrom Command, the primal Leviathan has made an unexpectedly swift and deadly reappearance. Travel to Limsa Lominsa and report to High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki for a briefing on the situation
  • R'ashaht Rhiki confirms that the Lord of the Whorl has indeed returned to terrorize the seas. Reports of the primal's most recent attack suggest that this incarnation of Leviathan is possessed of truly nightmarish power and represents a threat that must be neutralized with all possible haste. As soon as your preparations are complete, make your way to the Moraby Drydocks and speak with Sergeant Styrnlona.
  • Sergeant Styrnlona eagerly informs you that the twin vessel, the Whorleater, and its towing ship are ready to leave port as soon as you board. The time has come to sail forth and confront the Lord of the Whorl once more.
  • The Whorleater (Extreme) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.