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posted 18 days ago

hi everybody =) can you change <img src="/mediawiki/images/f/f7/Patreon_logo.jpg" alt="“Patreon" logo" style="width:160px;"> to <img src="/mediawiki/images/f/f7/Patreon_logo.jpg" alt="“Patreon" logo" style="width:120px;">.. so it wont hide texts for guides?

posted 19 days ago

This is not a problem that affects every specific normal/EX trials, hence the edits to specific pages. Trials that are close to the maximum item levels of a specific level sync will give you a similar experience regardless of min ilvl or not. I fail to see how this is a problem.

posted 53 days ago


will do, cheers!


posted 103 days ago

How does one tell if a Service is "invalid"? When I input Local Guide into those pages you reverted, the preview shows it as a valid link.

posted 152 days ago

Also, could you add in Daily Tribe quests as another Source of EXP for both DoW/DoM and DoH/DoL jobs?

posted 152 days ago

Hi, I was reading through the methods for gaining exp for DoH/DoLs in the "Experience" page and saw that daily Grand Company Supply and Provision Missions weren't included.

I only made an account so i could edit it in, but got an automated response saying that as a New User, i wasn't allowed to make edits, especially ones containing links.

So as an FFXIV player, may i ask that you add Grand Company Supply and Provision Missions to the common methods of gaining exp for DoH/DoLs?

posted 155 days ago

Hey is there a reason that my guides have been removed? If i am breaking ay rules please let me know. Cheers :D

posted 175 days ago

According to further reading, these may be starting leves with variants in different zones, but have different names, the Ul'Dah one being 'What Peistes Crave' (

posted 182 days ago

Hi, I was wondering where you can find the Levequest possible reward drop % rates? ty