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Unto the Truth

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Unto the Truth

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Quest giver
Il Mheg (X:13.3, Y:30.2)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 218,880
Gil 1,100
Previous quest
Sul Uin's Request
Ys Iala's Errand
Oul Sigun's Plea
Next quest
Courting Cooperation
Delightful Decorations
Revolting Refreshments

Thancred looks just like you feel.

— In-game description


  • With the chat mode in Say, enter "Feo Ul" to summon your pixie friend.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter "Please, Feo Ul, I need you" to summon your pixie friend.
  • With the chat mode in Say, enter "O loveliest of branches, please grant me your succor!" to summon your pixie friend.
  • Speak with Thancred.
  • Speak with Thancred.


  • Thancred looks just like you feel.
  • After being subjected to a host of menial tasks and pranks, you and your comrades conclude that the pixies will never be satisfied and let you leave. While discussing your options, you remember a useful detail: you have a pact with a pixie. At Thancred's urging, you decide to turn to Feo Ul for help. With the chat mode in Say, attempt to summon your pixie friend by calling “Feo Ul” out loud.
  • Though Feo Ul hears your call, the pixie is in a black mood having been neglected for so long. Some groveling may be in order. With the chat mode in Say, attempt to placate your pact-mate by saying, “Please, Feo Ul, I need you.”
  • Feo Ul is not satisfied with your entreaty and compares you unfavorably to a sodden log. It seems you will have to try harder to quell the pixie's displeasure. With the chat mode in Say, attempt to regain Feo Ul's favor by saying, “O loveliest of branches, please grant me your succor!”
  • The third time's the charm. You succeed in winning over Feo Ul, who promptly coerces the other pixies into letting you go. With the illusion lifted and the way revealed, Thancred is eager to continue on to Urianger's abode.
  • Thancred informs you that Urianger has taken up residence in the abandoned manor of a nobleman and scholar: a place known as the Bookman's Shelves. He and Minfilia duly set off north along the path, as must you.
  • Stepping inside the manor, you enjoy a warm reunion with your old friend Urianger. After listening intently to your account of recent events, the Archon proceeds to share the unsettling vision he witnessed as he drifted across the rift. In his sprawling tale, he explains how the surge of light in the First will amplify the potency of the alchemical weapon Black Rose, thereby giving rise to the Eighth Umbral Calamity in the Source. Though the science behind the connection is somewhat complicated, its implications for you are simple: to forestall tragedy in both worlds, you must eliminate all of the Lightwardens. The being you have come to vanquish in Il Mheg is apparently ensconced within Lyhe Ghiah, the castle which rises from the lake. Though gaining entry will require that you turn to the pixies for aid, Urianger assures you that he has become adept at courting their cooperation. After your recent travails with the fae folk, you can only hope his confidence is well-founded...