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The Elder's Answer

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The Elder's Answer

The Elder's Answer Image.JPG
Quest giver
Wyd Lad
Il Mheg (X:19.4, Y:4.7)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 220,320
Gil 997
Previous quest
The Lawless Ones
Next quest
A Resounding Roar

Wyd Lad looks a satisfied Nu Mou.

— In-game description



  • Wyd Lad looks a satisfied Nu Mou.
  • Wyd Lad informs you that Elder Wyd Aenc has returned from deliberations and likely has tidings for you. You make your way to the inner cookfire of Pla Enni, where the elder awaits.
  • Having thanked you for your patronage, Wyd Aenc gives you your answer regarding the stone scepter. Acknowledging that they do not have the power to deal with their fallen monarch, the Nu Mou have decided to entrust the relic to you. Now only the crystal shoes, held in the amaro's safekeeping, remain to be collected. Without further ado, you set out for Wolekdorf to meet with the leader of the amaro, a hulking creature named Seto.
  • Though Seto receives you warmly, he believes that facing the faerie king is folly, and refuses to give you the crystal shoes. In order to find a way to change Seto's mind, Urianger believes it would behoove you to understand the nature of the amaro of Il Mheg. To that end, he bids you acquaint yourself with the creatures, and recommends giving them a gentle pat by way of a greeting. Scanning the area, your eyes settle on an amaro named Rispa.
  • Receiving your affectionate gesture with delight, Rispa reminisces about his departed master, a knight of the Kingdom of Voeburt. You learn that the amaro has chosen to remain in Il Mheg, where the kingdom once stood, out of respect for the man's memory. You spare a moment to admire the strength of their bond, then turn your attention to a creature named Eo An.
  • While not exactly thrilled by your patting, Eo An clarifies that she does not dislike men; on the contrary, amaro were bred to be fond of them. In the beginning, the creatures were mindless beasts, but a mage of Ronka bestowed upon them the gift of intelligence. When the empire fell, those with the gift eventually died out, but some few are still born with the seed of intelligence even now. As you mull over the tale, an amaro named Nimbus catches your eye.
  • Rather heartwarmingly, Nimbus is overjoyed by your attention. He goes on to explain that he and his fellows have been starved of the company of men ever since they settled in Il Mheg. Confident that you now understand the creatures, you bend your steps back to Urianger.
  • Urianger affirms your findings that the amaro of Il Mheg bear an intense and abiding love for men, and concludes that it is out of genuine concern for your welfare that Seto sought to prevent your confrontation with the faerie king. Yet confront the faerie king you must, and to that end you must find a way to win the creature's cooperation.