The Clutch

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The Clutch

The Clutch is a high-walled valley that stretches out to the east ofBlack Brush beyond Soot Creek. As the Calamity has closed off most other routes east, one seeking quick passage to Gridania is forced to traverse this narrow gulch lest he add several days to his journey by detouring north through Mor Dhona, or south through the Sagolii Desert.

— In-game description

The Clutch is a area in Central Thanalan.


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The Unholy Heir

When Dalamud's outer shell came crashing down, a section fused with a boulder. Scholars have attributed this curious phenomenon to the dark matter of which they believe Dalamud was constructed. Local smallfolk have their won theories, claiming the formation is actually an egg laid by Bahamut, and will one day hatch, unleashing yet another unholy monstrosity on the realm.

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The Quiveron Manse

Once the summer home of Eolande Quiveron, a recently deceased member of the Syndicate, this manse now lies in ruins, and serves as the hideout for a group of thieving bandits who prey on travelers journeying east through the Clutch.