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Sil'dih was the sister nation to Ul'dah following the division of Belah'dia in year 969 of the Sixth Astral Era. The city was destroyed by it's Ul'dahn besiegers in 1181. In 1270, Ul'dah, then under the rulership of House Thorne, would relocate it's capitol city to it's current location, atop the ruins of what was once Sil'dih.


In 964, the ruling sultan of the Kingdom of Belah'dia fell ill, sparking a civil war of succession between his twin sons, Sasagan and Sasawefu, over who would inherit the kingdom. A year later upon the sultan's death, the twins were still yet at war. In 969, the city-state of Belah'dia formally divided it's territory into the two nations of Ul'dah and Sil'dih.

The rulers of the new city-states, twin princes named Sasagan Ul Sisigan of Ul'dah and Sasawefu Ul Sisigan of Sil'dih, entered into civil war with one another in a bid to claim the throne after their father "mysteriously" disappeared. Following the division of the city, The brothers begin employing sellswords from other nations to fight their battles for them in wars that last for decades. Following the passing of Sasawefu, his child Lalawefu Sil Tatawefu ascends to the throne, and begins working to ensure the financial superiority over Ul'dah. To do this, he secured a stable water supply, earning him the name King of Springs, and the economic reform he imposed help stabilize Sil'dih. However, what he failed to tell the people was that the water supply was created by diverting the water supply of Ul'dah, sparking further outrage from the Sultanate.

Following the crippling drought that overtook Thanalan, Sil'dih entered into economic decline. Seeing this weakness, Ul'dah attacks Sil'dih to reclaim their water supply. Using the crisis to unify the people, a new war is waged between the sister cities, known as the War of the Sisters. Blows were traded back and forth, with the Sil'dihns withstanding a unified attack from Ul'dah and the Amalj'aa, driving them back.

In what would be a final, decisive strike against Sil'dih, Ul'dahn mages develop the concoction Trader's Spurn, which allowed them to reanimate the dead. Using this dark power, Ul'dah invades a final time and completely destroys Sil'dih, razing it to the ground.


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