Project Meteor

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Project Meteor was an attempt by the Garlean Empire to communicate with the sattelite Dalamud and use it as a weapon against the people of Eorzea. Upon realizing that the "lesser moon" was in fact no moon at all, but an ancient Allagan Empire relic, Nael van Darnus conceived of the project. Planning to use it as a facsimile to the ancient Meteor spells of old, the satellite would act as the Empire's Meteor. The project's goal was to guide the satellite directly onto Eorzea and crush any who opposed them. The project brought on Midas nan Garlond, a brilliant Magitek technician to head the project. Unbeknownst to anyone, the elder wyrm Bahamut was imprisoned within Dalamud, and enthralled Midas when he first made rudimentary contact. From there a transmitter was built and tested atop the Bozja Citadel. However, the project was brought to a halt when the satellite fired a beam of energy that vaporized everything from where it touched down within a hundred mile radius. The Emperor ended the project, saying he had no interest in such a dangerous and uncontrollable weapon. Nael kept the project open in secret, knowing its importance.

Later, when the invasion of Eorzea resumed, Nael recommended that they reopen the project, to which the Emperor agreed, as he wished to see the Eorzea campaign completed and his legacy secured. With the project reopened, Nael used the knowledge he had gained over the years to build another transmitter. These plans were intercepted by Cid nan Garlond, who informed the leaders of the city-states of the Empires plan. Sending forth a group of adventurers, they quickly dispatched the new transmitter, however Nael appeared, informing the adventurers that he no longer needed the transmitter to call down the satellite.

In fact, Nael had found a way to call the satellite using ancient Allagan technology. Using the technology, Nael fired large pieces of the satellite at the ground to further expose the Allagan transmitter, which fired a massive beam at the "Lesser Moon". Even though the adventurers were able to defeat Nael, the satellite continued to fall. Eventually, Project Meteor was realized, but not to the effect the Garleans had hoped. The destruction caused by the release of Bahamut changed the face of Eorzea forever, and brought about the Seventh Umbral Calamity.