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The city of Nym was one of the twelve city-states during the Fifth Astral Era. The nation was made up of mostly Lalafell sailors who immigrated from overseas looking to establish trade routes in other lands. Though they weren't the largest of the city-states, they played an important role in the War of the Magi and the shaping of Eorzea after the Calamity of Water.


Around the fifth century of the Fifth Astral Era, several longboats arrived in Vylbrand carrying merchants from across the seas. They made land and began setting up a small outpost on the southern side of the island, with the hopes of building relations with the Kobold who resided near there. Luckily, the merchants and the Kobolds were able to find common ground in their patron deity Oschon. While the Kobold worshiped the mountain itself as a goddess, both faiths believed in the protection that was offered by the mountains. Eventually, the small outpost grew into the city of Nym.

The people of Nym were known to be a rough, seafaring lot who made excellent use of their skills at sea. They used these skills to their advantage when establishing their navy, Royal Marines. While little else is known about the Nymian people, translations of records show that they were fierce warriors who wielded axes and were often backed up by a small cadre of mages, who used a unique type of spellcraft to aid in healing and driving their foes back. This small military was so powerful that Nym was able to maintain its independence during the Voidsent invasion of Mhach and repel the destructive force unleashed upon them.

The Nymian Plague

During the War of the Magi, Nym was stricken by a fast-acting and mysterious disease, massively crippling the city-state. The official cause of the disease is still unknown, however the most commonly accepted cause is that a group of sailors who were lost at sea were nursed back to health by a tribe of Lalafell that lived off shore brought back a strange amphora. From this point, the Nymian people fell ill one by one to the incurable sickness. It was eventually discovered that the amphora was actually part of an elaborate plot by Mhach to call the Voidsent Bitoso down upon the Nym.

The disease had horrific effects upon those who contracted it; their ears and noses melted away, their limbs shriveled and their skin was tinged with a ghastly shade of green. Those with the sickness were locked away in the Wanderer's Palace, a temple built to pay worship to the mountain and their patron god. It was only after it was far too late did the survivors of the plague discover Bitoso and the origin of what they called the Green Death. The mages of Nym, in a last-ditch effort to spare themselves from the disease, used their magic to raise the water level and seal the Wanderer's Palace to prevent anything from entering or exiting.

Operation Maelstrom

At the end of the War of the Magi, the remaining city-states set aside their differences and came together to try to forestall the coming calamity. For their part, the survivors of Nym set out to the seas to construct a series of protective wards and barriers dubbed Operation Maelstrom. While this helped stop the largest swells, ultimately the city of Nym was destroyed, reducing the coastal city-state to nothing. The remainder of the Nymian people fled to the mountains of Outer La Noscea to escape the rising tides.

After the Seventh Umbral Calamity, following the shards of Dalamud careening into the land, the ruins of the Wanderer's Palace were brought back to the surface, and the seal placed on the temple was broken, awakening the Nymians who slumbered within. Initial forays into the ruins found the now diminutive people and believed them to be mythical creatures known as Tonberries, as knowledge of the plague had yet to be uncovered by this point.