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Meet the Tholls

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Tristol knows people who may be able to assist in your search for ore.

— In-game description



For the trials:
※Shoot the dwarf wearing the wrong helm.



  • Tristol knows people who may be able to assist in your search for ore.
  • Tristol informs you that a dwarven family known as the Tholls have long mined this land, and none know its bounty as well as they. If you explain to them your situation, the painter is confident that they would be willing to cooperate in your search for ore. Thus do you and the Exarch set out for the village of Tomra to seek an audience with its chief, a dwarf named Xamott.
  • At the entrance to Tomra, you and the Exarch are greeted by a boisterous dwarf. Having traded lali-hos to his satisfaction, he reveals himself to be none other than Xamott. While he is keen to assist any endeavor that will restore peace to their home, he will only help you find the ore if he is certain you will put it to good use. To that end, he requires that you undertake a trial most tricksy, and invites you into the village to learn more.
  • Xamott informs you that, when dwarves of his village come of age, each of them must prove their readiness to take to the mines. This they do by undertaking a traditional trial–the curiously named 3-D MineRunner. In this trial, you are given a slingshot, which you must use to shoot the dwarf who wears a different helm from that of the Tholls. When you are ready to begin, you are to report to the observer neargy.
  • The dwarf observer takes you to the rooftops, where you have a practice run of the trial. The next time will be the actual trial, where failure is a possibility.
  • With your combination of discernment, diligence, and dexterity, you succeed in passing the dwarves' trial. The observer instructs you to return to Xamott, that you might get on with the business of putting an end to the strangeness that racks the land.
  • Impressed with your showing in the trial, Xamott declares that he will place his faith in you and help you to find the ore you seek for the Talos heart.