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Manic Pixie Dream Realm

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Manic Pixie Dream Realm

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Quest giver
Pink Pixie
The Crystarium (X:13.1, Y:15.3)
Quest line
Pixie Main Quests
Required quest
The Wheel Turns
Experience 108,000-337,716
Gil 1,798
Next quest
Sustenance for the Soul

The pink pixie appears to be spying on some children.

— In-game description




  • Vanquish the nightmare creature.
  • Speak with the Sullen girl.


  • The pink pixie appears to be spying on some children.
  • Strolling through the Pendants, you chance upon a pink pixie named Tyr Beq. Though you can make little sense of what they say, it would seem some unsavory individual is causing people to suffer from nightmares. Out of concern for your fellow man, you decide to lend the pixie your aid, and together you set forth for Sullen to rendezvous with another ally.
  • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level. Furthermore, you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • Joining Tyr Beq in Sullen, you soon encounter the ally, a prodigious porxie familiar. Introducing itself as Ezel II, dream devourer extraordinaire, the familiar reveals it has been investigating the nightmares. The culprit, it believes, is a certain pixie bereft of color, who has the power to manipulate dreams directly─something which, Tyr Beq remarks with alarm, should only be possible by one who is the equal of Titania. At this juncture, noticing your deepening confusion, Ezel II bids you follow it─hopefully to a place of some clarity.
  • Coming to a shack, you find a little girl in the grip of a nightmare, which Ezel II proceeds to devour with relish. However, no sooner does it gulp down the last of the unholy meal than everything threatens to come back up. It is then that the colorless pixie appears before you. This An Lad reveals that they were the one who planted the nightmare within the child. In a stroke of quick thinking, Tyr Beq uses their power to give corporeal form to the regurgitated nightmare; it now falls to you to vanquish the abomination.
  • You have struck down the nightmare creature, thereby earning Tyr Beq's admiring gaze.
  • According to Tyr Beq, your victory will have changed the ending to the child's dream. Without further delay, you and your companions make your way back to Sullen to look in on the little girl.
  • Your victory over the nightmare appears to have instilled the little girl with courage. Upon awakening, she is able to bare her heart to her stepbrother, thus effecting a positive change in her reality and eliminating the void in which her torment resided. By way of thanks for your cooperation, Tyr Beq extends you an invitation to their playground. In order to enter, you need but present yourself to Thon Sul in Lydha Lran.
  • You speak with Thon Sul, who duly shows you to Lyhe Mheg.
  • ※In the event that you leave the instance, you may re-enter by speaking with Thon Sul in Lydha Lran.
  • You arrive in the mysterious Garden of Dreams, where you find Tyr Beq awaiting you with a smile.
  • Welcoming you warmly, Tyr Beq enlightens you on the nature of Lyhe Mheg. Within this illusory realm, there are gates that lead to the dreams of mortals slumbering across all Norvrandt. However, these gates were recently sealed off by An Lad, who desires to control the dreams of those mortals who share their torment. By your recent victory, Tyr Beq senses that their hold over the gates has weakened, and they urge you to reach out to the Lakeland gate while holding an image of the region in your mind.
  • At your outstretched hand, the haze shrouding the gate lifts, its doors swinging open to release a cluster of dream bubbles. Tyr Beq explains that these objects hold the memories of mortals' fun and happy dreams, and are used to fill Lyhe Mheg with delightful things. In order to restore the garden to its former glory, however, it seems you will require many more of them.
  • Satisfied with the small but momentous first step, Tyr Beq invites you to continue the conversation back outside in Lydha Lran.
  • Tyr Beq speaks to you and Ezel of their plans. Though the gates to the other regions remain sealed, the pixie believes your priority is to ensure that the one to Lakeland remains open. To that end, they entreat your continued cooperation in filling the region with fun and happy dreams.