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A project to clean up and update the raid and trial pages, beginning with Shadowbringers content and working backwards. The wiki isn't a good format for long explanations of specific strategies, and many of the Stormblood pages are confusing, if not entirely incomplete.


  • To create consistency across raid pages.
  • To remove unnecessary, outdated, or incorrect information regarding raids and trials.
  • To add missing information.
  • To update pages using outdated templates to new templates.


  • To create a better format for raid pages that provides quick at a glance reference information.
  • To provide links, when available, to common in-depth guides for further information.

See The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy for an example, using the table of contents below.

   Description (in header section)
   1 Unlock
   2 Mechanics
       2.1 Phase(s)
   3 In-Depth Guides
       3.1 Video Guides (use thumbnail galleries that link to the guide - this forces cleaner formatting)
       3.2 Written Guides (if they exist)
   4 Loot (using templates)
   5 Images (using a centered and fixed size gallery to again force a cleaner display)