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A project to clean up and update the Master Recipe Books pages, beginning with the main page. Most of these pages appear to have not been updated in multiple patches, and are missing a large amount of current information.


  • To update Master Recipe Tome information up to 5.4.
  • To update Master Recipe pages to match current formatting.
  • To make information easier to find.
  • Make it easier to update when new items and master books are added.
  • Reduce unnecessary pages.


On the main (Master Recipe Tomes) page have one table/template for each master book class - i.e. Master Goldsmith, Master Weaver, etc.

  • Table Fields: Name, Requires, Acquisition/Location

Combine master book pages by class - i.e. Master Goldsmith page, Master Weaver page, etc.

  • Include the "Unlocks" information on these new pages using updated templates.
  • Make all other pages (Master Goldsmith I, etc.) redirects.


  • Update page name to Master Recipe Tomes in order to match in-game menus and create a redirect.
  • Convert tables on main page to templates.
  • Create master book pages by class - i.e. Master Goldsmith page, etc.
    • Consolidate information from current pages to new pages.
    • Create/find a template for the list of "Unlocks" items.
    • Change all other pages (Master Goldsmith I, etc.) to redirects.


  • Revamp main "Master Recipe Books" page.
  • Add III-VIII masterbooks to main page.