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Male ♂
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (6.2,12.8)
Cocobusi (brother), Cocobygo (brother), Cocobani (brother), Cocobezi (brother), and Cocoboha (brother)
Quest NPC

"Fire, lightning, blizzards, somnolence—the thaumaturge calls upon an expansive arsenal of offensive incantations to incapacitate and obliterate all manner of adversaries."

— In-game description

Cocobuki is a Lalafell found in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
My First Scepter Class quest 1 Cocobuki
The Threat of Intimacy Class quest 5 Cocobuki
The Threat of Paucity Class quest 10 Cocobuki
The Threat of Superiority Class quest 15 Cocobuki
The Threat of Perplexity Class quest 20 Cocobuki
The Hidden Chapter Class quest 25 Cocobuki
Facing Your Demons Class quest 30 Cocobuki

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Way of the Thaumaturge Class quest 1 Yayake
Guildmaster, Prelate, and Plot Sidequest 50 Deputy Postmoogle
Sibling Strife Feature quest 50 Hildibrand
A Home for a Tome Sidequest 80 Lalai

Additional Information


At twenty-three, Cocobuki is the eldest of six siblings of Dunesfolk ancestry—Cocobygo, Cocobani, Cocobezi, Cocoboha, and Cocobusi. All are masters of the Thaumaturges' Guild, save for the youngest. In accordance with the sultana's will, they did much to calm the populace when riots broke out in the streets during the Calamity. For these acts, they were named guildmasters and successors to the former leader—a disgraced man named Mumuepo, convicted of embezzlement.[1]
Among his brothers, Cocobuki usually takes the leadership role and is often described as the wisest among them. He first instructs thaumaturges on the nature of aether and arcane manipulation. After their first test, he sends guild members to each of his younger siblings to learn the chapters of Thaumaturgy: The Yawning Abyss by the renowned thaumaturge Zozomaya.


Cocobuki: Hm hm hm... So you wish to peer into the abyss of thaumaturgy?
Who are you?
Cocobuki: I am the Piercing Eye, the Duke of Destruction, the Archmage of Annihilation... though most of my colleagues simply call me "Cocobuki." Of the five thaumaturge brothers that claim the title of "Guildmaster," I am the eldest. I offer guidance to those wishing to explore the stygian chasm of our discipline, and instruct aspirants in the art of arcane devastation. It is also my role to encourage the accumulation of thaumaturgical wisdom through both theoretical and practical application.
What is thaumaturgy?
Cocobuki: Thaumaturgy is a form of arcane manipulation that allows the practitioner to unleash (his/her) will as deadly manifestations of primal power. The origin of our art can be found in the cumbersome magicks of our ancestors - subsequently focused and refined through their use in the funereal rites of the Order of Nald'thal. Though once used exclusively for the preparation of the dead, these incantations of destruction soon found new purpose on the battlefield. Hm hm hm... "Death," of course, is still very much the central focus of the discipline.