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Authentic Pumpkin Pie Set

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the cash shop item. For the seasonal event item, see Pumpkin Pie Set.

Authentic Pumpkin Pie Set


This recreation of an All Saints' Wake staple is so authentic that you can almost believe it's really puréed pumpkin mixed with cream, eggs, and spices, and baked into a flaky, buttery crust. Almost.

※Cannot be retrieved once used.
※Can be used up to 10 times.

Meal benefits when used:
Tenacity Bonus: +4% (Max 12)
VIT Bonus: +4% (Max 8)
Gear Durability Bonus: +3
EXP Bonus: +3%
Duration: 30m
(Duration can be extended to 60m by consuming multiple servings)

— In-game description