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A Little Faith

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A Little Faith

Quest giver
Lakeland (X:36.5, Y:21.4)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 221,760
Gil 779
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestA Party Soon Divided
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestInto the Dark

Main Scenario Progress: 586 / 853 (68.7%)


Shadowbringers Progress: 45 / 157 (28.7%)


Urianger appears lost in thought.

— In-game description


  • Survey the area.
  • Search for the timeworn tablet.
  • Speak with Urianger.


  • Urianger appears lost in thought.


Quest Acceptance

Urianger: At the height of Lakeland's prosperity, these sites served not as man's final bastion, but as testament to his ingenuity and architectural prowess. The Church of the First Light was responsible for many such marvels, building majestic chapels in every corner of the realm.  Alas, the Flood with its inexorable tides would drown nigh every one, and did all but put an end to the religion as a whole. For the creatures which then did rise from that fulgent deluge were seen as agents of divine punishment, sent to devour sin and sinner both─whence came the name of “sin eater.” The people were lost, seemingly forsaken by their god. Yet where there is light, there hath ever been shade, and 'twas in the dark they sought solace. The most devout of these worshipers of shadow did then migrate to the Rak'tika Greatwood. But that is a tale for another time. For now, let us find what remaineth of the chapel here.

Survey the area

Urianger: ...Aye. This is indeed the church we seek.
Minfilia: It's surprisingly intact. What little is left of the churches I've seen until now has always borne the scars of decades of disuse.
Urianger: Its subterranean construction hath done much to protect the hall from the ravages of time. Yet the reason for its remarkable preservation may be deduced from its decoration. As faith in the Light did wane, so rose reverence for the Dark.
Urianger: ...And its followers did want for places of worship. To be plain, the standards which do adorn these walls belong not to those who built them, but to worshipers of the Dark─the Night's Blessed.
Thancred: ...Who subsequently migrated to Rak'tika, yes?
Urianger: Indeed. 'Twas beneath the shaded boughs of the Rak'tika Greatwood that they finally found sanctuary. Oft and many times did Eulmore make spurious overtures of friendship unto them, but they are no fools. The Exarch knoweth full well that Y'shtola, in her seclusion, doth labor to learn all she may of the Blessed and their past. 'Tis why he sent us here, I now see. The tablet of which he spoke no doubt provideth a glimpse into the history that she so yearneth to comprehend.
Thancred: Well then─we'd better hurry up and find it.

Search for the timeworn tablet

Search your surroundings for the tablet. You may move the camera as well as zoom in and out. Target an area and inspect it with 
Thancred: Can anyone tell me what this infernal tablet even looks like?
Urianger: Were the tablet a fragment of holy scripture, 'twould most assuredly rest here on this altar. Yet this would, I presume, also have been where the Blessed placed the Font of Seeing used in the practice of their faith... Whither, then, would they have set the tablet?
Minfilia: I can barely see my hand in front of my face. If only that torch were a little closer...
You have located the timeworn tablet!
Urianger: Within the altar, thou sayest?
Thancred: I certainly hope this is what we were looking for.
Minfilia: How were you able to see it in the dark? And inside the altar of all places...

Speak with Urianger

Urianger: Naught escapeth thine eye, 'twould seem. This is indeed the tablet we seek. Curious... These engravings predate the Night's Blessed. If I am not mistaken, they are writ in the script of the ancient empire of Ronka, whose capital once stood in the midst of what is now Rak'tika. 'Twill be no small matter to decipher them... Hm! A fine gift for our seeker of truth. 'Tis plain the Exarch understandeth Y'shtola only too well... But come─let us quit this place and make ready for our journey into the woods.